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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alloy25, Feb 19, 2003.

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    Wat is the best software to use with my dvd player and cd burner........
    I just bought a new dvd rom and need something that is almost child proof to use :huh: .....
    Thanks in Advance.......

  2. Doxtr111

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    I just installed my first dvd player last evening. The retail package (liteon 16x) included power dvd 4.0 full version with included serial number. What a delight! This is totally childproof..took about 5 minutes to learn the basics and off I went.... I hope that you find this response encouraging.
  3. alloy25

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    Thats the exact same one i bought today...Great minds think alike...lol
    good is it...ill give it a try

    Alloy25 :happy:

    PS ...how much did you pay...(I paid $90....)
  4. zyfos

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    Yeah, PowerDVD is about the only DVD playing software I use. Its interface is simple enough to use, but it is still fairly powerful with more advanced features for the computer savvy.
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    Wat about "dvd-squeeze"??????????
    It proclaims to be able to fit a dvd onto one cd.....is it possible and wat is it like????

    Alloy25 :huh:
  6. I recently bought a DVD burner! :p It is a great product! Now I can back up almost 4.5 GB of my data to one disc! It's a pioneer with 6 drives in 1 drive (reads and write CD, CDR, CDRW, DVD, DVDR, DVDRW)

    I got 7 full version programs that came with the DVD burner to help me create videos and photo CDs and DVDs.
  7. alloy25

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    So wat program do you recommend?????
    I've tried...Dvd copy plus,dvd2svcd 1.1.2,dvdcopyone platinum ver 6.....

    Any help with a truly fool proof dvd burning program would be greatly appreciated....

    Alloy25 :(
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    90.00$....I Paid 36.00 for a Retail Boxed Lite-On DVDROM 16x-48x 166S (Black Bezel)...actually its now a XJ-HD166S..the most newest model they have...and it came with WinDVD...IDE Cable...and Manual.....purchased online from ShenTech.

    DVD Clone Pro is the fastest and easiest way to copy and backup your
    DVD movies! With just one click the powerful DVD Clone Pro engine goes to work and: Rips the DVD, Encodes it, and Burns it onto a blank CD using your regular CD Burner! It couldn't be any easier! It even
    supports DivX!....Overspanning on VCD/SVCD....Save Image to Harddrive..and burn later

    For more information:
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    Hey thanks for that program ill d/l it now and give it a go.....How fast is it....in hours??????

    My dvd-rom came with power dvd ver4....no manual as such just a quick install for the hardware...and a sound cable.....Pretty ****ty :mad:

    Any way thanks again and ill come back for an update on how I went ...

  10. o0RaidR0o

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    S.E. Florida
    Woe there buddy!

    If you bought a DVD burner, then why use a dvd cloning software that only produces to cdr's, that is what you call SVCD. What you want is DVD backup software that transcodes DVD9 (dual layered 7-9GB) movies onto DVD5 (single layered 4.7GB).

    There are two pieces of software available that can transcode a DVD9 to DVD5, DVD2ONE and Pinnacles InstantCopy v7. With either of these you still need a ripping utility and for this purpose (you need to rip as VOB files) I recommend DVD Decryptor.

    The 1sr release of DVD2ONE which is v1.0, besides the ripper, you still needed burning software that can burn dvd-video UDF/ISO (Nero, Gear Pro, etc.) Also DVD2ONE only does the main movie (no menus). DVD2ONE has released v1.0.2 but I'm not aware if they added any burnig capabilites or if it includes options for menu items, however I believe they have a frontend that calls for CopyToDvd. Dunno if its bundled or a seperate cost.

    IC7's only requirement is the ripper, it has the ability not only to transcode but burn to dvd in a single operation. And IC7 can do menu items. Also with a simple registry hack you can deselect Title Sets.

    I have tested IC7 on T2 w/menus, from rip to burn in under 3hrs. It was absolutely flawless.

    I have a Pioneer DVR-AO5 myself.

    Hope you found this helpful and good luck :)
  11. o0RaidR0o

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    S.E. Florida
    DVD2ONE Update

    This what I've found out about DVD2ONE's update:

    DVD2one does not deliver an image for a specific recording software, but dvd compliant files instead. This means that you can burn the movie with any dvd recording software.

    Make sure that the files are in a VIDEO_TS directory.
    Make sure that the disk name, directory name and file names are in CAPITALS.

    When you use Nero, make sure you have V5.5.10.13 (or higher).
    Ofcourse the easiest is to use CopyToDVD. DVD2one has direct support for it.

    If you have installed CopyToDVD, DVD2one will detect this and add an extra option on the first screen.

    If you enable the option 'Burn files with CopyToDVD' on the first screen, after processing is successfully completed, the result will be directly written to your recordable/rewritable.

    You can buy CopyToDVD, CopyToDVD is made by VSO.
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    DVD Burner

    DVDXCopy v1.41 by 321 Studios is the best I have tried so far. It burns exact copies of my DVD movies in less than an hour and a half. Forget about burners that burn movies to CD-Rs. There is a degradation of quality when doing so. Burn your movies with DVD-+r/rw. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Re: DVD Burner

    I dont have a dvd burner ...I have a dvd rom......
    So wat is still a good program to use to burn dvds to cd-r?????
    I tried the dvd clone pro that jroc suggested but it wasnt that good.....

    Any help would be good !!!!

    Alloy25 :(
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  15. alloy25

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    At the moment I'm using Smartripper with VCD Galaxy ver 2.6.....seems to be working :D

    Although it is taking 18 hours to do Part 1 of the dvd....and it will take another 15 hours to do part 2.....:mad:

    Is there a faster converter then TMPGEnc ??? Thats just as easy to work ?????

    Alloy25 :huh:
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    And to answer your question (which I didn't notice earlier), I paid $41.40 + 4 something shipping via Majorgeeks.com
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    I bought mine from harvey norman..........the software im running to copy dvds is working ok now so thank you to all that answered my question...
    This was steep learning curve for me and now i have a couple of good programs and a great site that was supplied by " cheezzzz"....

    Thanks again
  18. cheezzzz

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    Alloy25, in that case use MovieJack2. Very simple to use. Uses CD-Rs. One click operation and takes about 10-12 hours for SVCD format. Cheers