DVD Region Killer or DVD Genie?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gouk, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    Which is the better software? :)
  2. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    i Say DVD Genie!

    or am i wrong
  3. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Once again I am biased ;) But these 2 apps do very different things...

    DVD Region Killer is for DVDROMs that are RPC-2 ie region locked
    DVD Genie is only for DVDROMs that are RPC-1 ie region free.

    DVD Genie will then manipulate teh various software players into letting you play DVDs from any region... or reset counters etc.

    DVD Region Killer emulates an RPC-1 drive...
  4. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    Okaly dokaly Punkareeno!! :D

    I updated the firmware on my Pioneer DVD 116 to a patched RPC-1 firmware so I guess I need DVD Genie.

    Thx for the info :)