DVD-R Issues... Need some help!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by neoterixx, Jun 2, 2003.

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    I have a ASUS DVR-A04 2X DVD BURNER. I recently purchased 1X/2X DVD-r's (cake of 50) for some reason my burner only wants to burn in 1X mode. Could it be the DVD-r's cause they are so cheap, or is it my burner? I have updated the Bios of the device as well and can't figure out why it wont burn at 2X....

    Btw if anyone has a 2X dvd-r how long does it normally take you to burn a full DVD ? With 1X it takes me aprox. 53 min.:(
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    Depends if you are copying a DVD film, or copying your own audio video input from a camcorder source etc.

    If you are using copying sofware, you would usually have to compress the resulting copy of a DVD film for it to fit to a single 4.7 GB disc , this would take about the time you mention.

    If you have a DVD-RW, that is DVD Ram compliant you could use a 9.4 Gb Disc that should copy a typical 6-7 GB DVd film in about 45 mins, or so.

    Perhaps they will bring out double data DVD- and DVD+ discs that can hold the same amount of data as DVD- Ram discs, eventually.

    I have copied a DVD film of 7 GB to an ISO image file on my H/ Drive in 12 mins, using an NEC DVD + recorder, but would prefer to copy to disc when (if) larger size ones are available.
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    Hi there,

    there is unlikely to be a 9gb disk in + or -. The reason dvd movies are 9gig is that they are dual layered (this is 2 dvd's pressed together!)

    For more in depth info, check out dvdhelp.com

    As for your a04, (pioneer?) what software are you using? Nero should tell you the recording speed.

    Hope this helps.
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    the files are in .img format.