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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Friend of Bill, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Which is the better of the two DVD player Softwares?

    WinDVD Platinum or PowerDVD 4.0. I want to add a DVD Player to my system and don't know which piece of software is the "better" of the two (in terms of stability and video/sound quality).

    Any comments/alternatives are apprecitated.
  2. Jachyra

    Jachyra Guest

    I've always use PowerDVD and never had a prob with it. So I guess I would recommend it :)
  3. funky dredd

    funky dredd Moderator

    I use WinDVD, only because it came bundled with my laptop. But still a nice app.
  4. MaryJ

    MaryJ Guest

    I use them both on my XP and PDVD only on Win 98.
    On the XP I tend to always use PDVD reason being I've been using it since I had a PC... Try the demo's and take it from there.:)
  5. Or you can use the Windows Media Player. Its got DVD playback support built in. I mainly use PowerDVD( that came with my DVD drive) and InterActual Player that came with some DVD movies (Spiderman).
  6. neoterixx

    neoterixx Guest

    I use POWERDVD XP, and won't use nothing else to load up my movies.
  7. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Thanks all for the input. I'll try WMP and see how it works. If it doesn't perform I'll try PowerDVD since it seems to be the majority: :)
  8. sboulema

    sboulema Moderator

    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    yep i would say go for powerdvd. But i never really used windvd
  9. Jahya

    Jahya Guest

    I'll take PowerDVD over WinDVD any day. Used them both and just found PowerDVD to be more reliable.
  10. ZipTriX

    ZipTriX Guest

    I use NVDVD. Only thing I hate about it, is there is no disable screensaver option.
  11. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    CyberLink PowerDVD XP Deluxe v4.0 ...been using cyberlink for quite a few years now and really like it
  12. Kuja

    Kuja OSNN Addict

    NVDVD and PowerDVD XP for me.
  13. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    PowerDVD it is! Now for the DVD hardware...:)
  14. Kush

    Kush High On Life!

    Montreal, Quebec
    yeah !

    power dvd rocks! its the best!
  15. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I would actually rate each player very similarly as they are ... well pretty similar. The deluxe version of PowerDVD does have more sound options tho, and the directshow filters also feature these options...

    Also both players can use the filters in Zoom Player ;) - which is the best ;)