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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Codasmd, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Having probs running a dvd in my computer. I've tried with WinMedia, Real Player, WinDVD, Quicktime, and DivX.

    What's weird is it will show the intro of the move, i.e. the lion roaring, or the dreamworks "cloud and sky" intro, then the movie just goes black and I get video only.
    If it simply does not work, I get the attatched error.

    The pic is after I tried installing the default player that comes on most DVD's.
    And Yes, I do have divx codecs installed.
    Just looking for thoughts or suggestions.

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    Have you tried just Windows' Media Player? I use to use WinDVD/iPlayer and it was more problems than it was worth. How about PowerDVD? Maybe try uninstalling any thirdparty Divx codecs and just try Media Player and its codecs and see if you get the same type of errors. You could also try toggling hardware acceleration off/on in those programs to see what results you get also.