DVD driver update for XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rj4u, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. rj4u

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    I have a Presario 1675 laptop with Win98. I upgraded to XP and downloaded the new driver from Mediamatics. After double-clicking the .exe file - it unpacks into a temp folder, but nothing else happens. I go into the temp folder, but none of the files will run.
    When I pop in a DVD, the computer will show the title and information, but will not play.... I emailed Mediamatics, but haven't heard back...
  2. Akash

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    does device manager see it as a dvd drive?
    if yes try it it out with a dvd program such as powerdvd or windvd
  3. rj4u

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    yes, it sees it as a DVD drive. I've tried using Mediamatics, PCFriendly, and Windows Media Player w/XP. All with the same results, it'll show the title but won't play.. I'll try one of the other ones.
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    In the temp folder, that the files unpack to, are there any ini-files there? if it is try to right-click the one the ini-file that correspondent to your dvd-drive...that should work! Good luck:)
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    Back to my original problem:
    I unpacked the .exe file and found it's contents in a temp folder. I clicked on the setup.exe file and it seems to have installed a new DVD driver.
    The problem I'm getting now is: The Mediamatics player says it won't play because no region selected. I go to options/region but am unable to select a region. An error msg pops up saying "no region selected"...
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    eww DVD Express!
    Get a real DVD player like PowerDVD or WinDVD ;)