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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ChrissiCom, May 11, 2002.

  1. ChrissiCom

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    I have a really strange problem... when I connect my Asus E616 (16x) DVD-Drive to the Promise Controller (ATA100 onboard) on my A7V motherboard win xp detects the drive as CD-Rom Drive. When I connect it to the VIA IDE controller it is detected as DVD-Drive but it only uses DMA66 then which is slower.

    Any idea about what is causing that problem ? The Promise Controller is properly detected by XP.

  2. Tbird94sc

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    i have same problem. i have a panasonic dvd drive with promise ata100 controller. i just stooped worrying about it saying cdrom and just played dvd's/ dont worry about what it says. you kno what it is
  3. dijital

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    i'm assuming you have the lastest drivers installed for the promise card?
  4. stkootic

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    You say that it drops your dvd to ata66? dvd drives and cdroms for that matter run at ata33 speeds so this shouldnt make a difference in performace GL
  5. ChrissiCom

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    The Asus E616 DVD Drive indeed supports ATA100 (read the website and the manual) and it is about 10-15% slower on ATA66 bus using several benchmarks. Only old cd-drives use ATA33 and I am not aware of any dvd-drives using ATA33, they're normally all ATA66 or the newer ones ATA100.

  6. stkootic

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    Transfer Rate: (as defined by sanyo)
    The amount of data which is transferred from the CD-ROM to the computer. The CD-ROM transfer rate is limited by the speed at which the disc rotates in the drive. The conventional CD-ROM transfer rate is approximately 150 kilobytes/sec, referred to as 1x. Therefore, a quadruple speed (4x) CD-ROM drive can transfer data at a rate of 600 KB/sec.
    So even the best Kenwood 72x transfers at 10,800 kb/sec. Of course this isnt the burst rate. Your Asus which reads cds at 48x (48 x 150) is 7,200 kb/sec. The interface speed is the speed at which it transfer from the cache of the drive. This is concidered burst speed. The Asus DVD E616 has 512k cache.
  7. ChrissiCom

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    It's absolutely right what you're saying... the max CD-speed of the drive is 7200 KB/s. But the max DVD-speed is at 21640 KB/s because of the much higher density of a DVD you can have more transfer at a lower rotation rate.

    21,6 MB would be no problem for the ATA66 bus although I also have two hard disks connected with burst rates of up to 41100 KB/s that means (without the CD-RW at the bus) the maximum possible transfer rate is ~111000 KB/s which goes far through the ATA66 limit of 66 MB/sec. Therefore the DVD-drive will be slower on the ATA66 bus than on the ATA100 bus which allows 100 MB/sec.

    The decision I took now was to connect the two hard drives to the ATA100 bus and the two CD/DVD-drives to the ATA66 bus. This way I need to have both buses activated which slightly downgrades performance especially when booting but I can't reach any transfer limit of the bus.

  8. Qumahlin

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    Well it's not a reason or solution...but it really doesn't mater what X speed the DVD rom drive is unless you got a buncha DVD data disks laying around or are doing copying of DVD's to your harddrive...

    since all DVD drives play movies at 1x speed only :)
  9. stkootic

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    Everyone needs a 16 speed fast forward dvd. Can watch the whole movie in 15 minutes. Time is so precious.
  10. Waldo

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    You can try editing your registry, go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\CD Burning Drives. You will find a volume number for each of your CD's. In the right hand window a dword value is shown for each. 1 is CDROM, 2 is CD-RW, and 3 is DVD. Change the value for your drive to 3 and reboot.
  11. ChrissiCom

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    Thanks for the tip Waldo... it seems to work :)
  12. Waldo

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    Glad it worked, it's worked for me several times when XP wanted to call my CD-RW a DVD drive.