dvd burner and hard drive mystery

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by leobull, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. leobull

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    i just got a sony dru-510a dvd everything drive. its great to do my ghost image backup to 1 dxd disk rather than multiple cd's. everything works great except for 1 thing that a bit of a mystery to me. whenever the dvd drive is accessed(for read) whether there is recorded media, blank media or just opening and closing the tray, the hard drive light blinks right along in unison with the dvd device light. in device manager i cant find any conflicts. can anyone shed any light on this
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    your LED's are hooked up to your pin39 on your drive controller.
  3. leobull

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    i understand what you are saying. i have 2 lines(cables). the hard drive is alone on the first/ the dvd rom and dvd burner are on the second. the dvd drive replaced a cdrw drive. i did not have the light blinking problem when the cdrw drive was installed, only with the dvd drive. waht is different about the dvd drive to the system.
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    I just got the same drive and mine does the same. It’s set up fine/correct.
    MY HDD are on the primary IDE and CD drives on secondary, I also replaced a CD-RW which did not blink the HDD LED.
    Even updated the firmware from 1.0A to 1.0C and still does the same.
    Must be a characteristic of this drive.
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    as long as it works great i dont think it matter :cool: