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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alloy25, Feb 10, 2003.

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    Is there a program that allows you to make a backup copy of your dvds but only uses one 700mb disk ??????

    I know you would have to rip it apart but I wouldnt like to loose quality.......Most I have done have been too big for one disk so I have to use 2 disks.....

    Any help ????? (If I haven't stepped into a piracy issue again !!!!)

    Thank in advance..

    Alloy25 :)
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    eazy vcd

    eazy vcd will do it.
    but u have to make it xvcd or xsvcd to control whether its 1 cd or 5 or whatever u want cuz most movies vcd or svcd will fit on 2 cds. xvcd is just like vcd but u control how much fits on it so the quality will degrade a bit, so try xsvcd which is like svcd but same thing.
    Eazy Vcd
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    Re: eazy vcd

    Hey thanks man...........i'll give a go.....

    is there any other programs that will do wat i want?????

    I ask cause i got 5 kids and i dont want them to handle the originals....if they break or scratch it i can burn another copy......

    Does that clear up things???

    Thanks for any help given...

  4. alloy25

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    Just out of curiousity....will the burnt ones work on my dvd player ???????
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    if it can read copied disks and if it has vcd or svcd support:cool:
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    For one, you can't really backup a DVD to a single 700 mb CD-R without loosing quality. It just doesn't work. Regular DVDs that movies come on can hold upto something like 9 gb. That's about 13 CD's worth of data on a fully loaded DVD. Even DVD-Rs can only hold about 4.3 gb worth of data (about half of a regular DVD).
    Anyway, you pretty much have to reencode a DVD movie to get it to fit on a single CD (which would involve some loss of quality, especially if you want it on only one CD). Note that most DVD players can play VCDs but not SVCDs. You may want to try a different site based around VCDs and whatnot for more help. Also, making VCDs can be considered pirating, especially if you don't own the DVD, but oh well.
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    follow this guide(s) to make divx/(s)vcd's..
    1of the best whit perfect quality

    allin1 tool to make vcd's is Dvdeo Pro,Dvdcopy2one and some more..

    many ways m8y thats for shure:blink:
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    Hey thanks guys for all the help !!!!! :) :happy: :D
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    DVD copy plus from 321Studios does a good job
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