DualBoot OS with two HDDs?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Illegal_Ops, May 28, 2003.

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    Is it possible to dual boot two OSes with two HDDs? here is my scenario, before i was using Win 98 with only one hdd, after which i got another hdd so i decided to install that with winXP. So i plug out my win98 hdd and install the other hdd to install winXP. After i finish install winxp, i plug the win 98 hdd back but i switch to slave mode and the winxp hdd is the master.

    However when i restart the system, it only boot up to winxp and doesn't have the option for me to choose which to boot up (win xp or win 98). The system is able to detect both the hdds. I have tried to set the setting on the boot.ini from winxp but however it say that hardware configuration problem, when i try to boot to win98.

    Any solutions to this? Thanks
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    start off and install windows98 onto a harddrive.. make sure both hard drives are recognized btw :)

    then... put the winxp cd in and install it... in the option choose the other hdd and install...

    once you are done... you should get a menu for os selection...

    going into the winxp control panel you can change menu options... ie time to display... in the startup and recovery settings AFAIK (don't have a winxp rig in front of me right now)

    make sure BOTH harddrives are plugged in @ the same time though... since windows xp makes a hardware profile based on the hardware that it can detect...
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    You needed to leave the Win98 drive connected when you installed XP. When you installed xp it searched all your drives for other installations of windows and since you had the other hard drive disconnected, it did not install the NT Boot Loader to allow you to switch between them.

    The simple but long solution:
    Set Xp drive as master
    98 drive as slave
    Reinstall Xp on Master drive leaving both drives connected.

    The not-so-simple quicker solution:
    You can edit the boot.ini file and add the location of the Windows 98 drive. You can open the RUN dialog and type MSCONFIG to view the boot.ini file and see what I am talking about.