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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cpomd, May 11, 2003.

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    I have windows XP Pro running with 2 User accounts and would like to install Office xp and Office 2000 either on separate Users or both on same User. Installing office XP installs on both Users can anyone pls offer a solution?
  2. dave holbon

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    Office XP is an upgrade to Office 200. Whilst it is possible to install the two together the time and effort (to say nothing of the registry hacks involved) preclude this type of installation by design.

    There are differences between the two (mostly concerning security and pirate copies of 2000 being readily available). Office XP can’t reside alongside 2000 because of this issue unless you are an XP and security guru and there are not many of these yet.

    I would stick with 2000 (service pack 3) and ignore Office XP only the user interface and “look-and-feel” are different, that is if you ignore the .NET-programming interface.
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    Would this work:

    Create 2 seperate operating system installations on your hard drive. Install office 2000 in one and Office xp in the other. At boot up chose which one you want.

    Of course now you need 2 copies of Windows... Or maybe not.

    Anyone tried to install one copy of XP to 2 partitions on one machine?
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    Many thanx for your erudite replies i have decided to go with the VMware solution, installed under one user with a different operating system win2k and installed office 2000