Dual Boot 98/XP Create New XP Boot Sector

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    SATA Drive not recognized as boot drive on XP installation.
    Boot Loader Installed on Wrong Drive.
    I have been working on this for days. Successfully installed once and ended up with corrupted files on the Win98 partition, so want to get it right this time. (Don't remember how I did the "successful" install - after several days of various problems - most of which are now solved - I am a little brain-dead.)

    What I am looking for is a way to create an XP boot on the SATA drive. I assume this means changing the MBR. As far as I am aware (explained below) this cannot be done from the XP install disk.

    MotherB: Asus A7V600 with VIA Chipset
    Drives: 0 120gb SATA; 1 15GB IDE; 2 10GB IDE

    Current Status:
    Win98 and WinXP both operational but no dual boot. Win98 was installed first. Both systems were a clean install. Both systems installed on FAT32 in seperate partitions on the SATA drive. Computer startup simply goes into Win98, as there is no XP boot sector on the proper drive.

    Placed the proper driver for install with the SATA drive. XP recognized this drive and installed properly except for one small<g> problem: While recognizing the XP partition on the SATA drive, it did not recognize it as drive 0, or just otherwise did not recognize it at all. Because of this, the boot loader was installed on drive 1, instead.

    Sidenote: Booting from a CD or Floppy never recognizes SATA as drive 0, but instead as drive 2. Some boot disks will not recognize it at all. The latter is the situation when using XP's Repair function after booting from the install CD, even with the driver loaded.

    I assume that I can just copy the NTLR, Boot.ini and NTDetect.com files from drive 1, and I have good information for creating a Bootsect.dos file on the SATA. My problem is in creating an XP boot sector.
    I need to be able to either:
    1. Be able to do this from DOS (probably not an option) :dead:
    2. Find a utility that will boot in XP, recognize the SATA, and allow me to create that boot sector. :cheeky:
    3. Hear any other suggestion that would work. :rolleyes:

    Any help would certainly be appreciated.
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