DSL--WAP/Router--Win 2003 Server--WAP/Switch--local domain--and wireless laptops/desk

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    Hi everyone,

    First post, hope someone can help.

    I have a residential high speed DSL account with a dynamic IP. My connection from the wall is a Sprint ADSL Modem (SP 645 ME-A1) bridged with a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband Router (BEFW11S4).

    I want to attach a Dell Poweredge SC420 Server running Windows 2003 Small business server (currently server only has one NIC) directly to the wireless router. Then I would like to attach a WAP/Switch hard wired between the gateway server and two other servers (SC 420) one running windows XP Pro the other possibly linux and finally my office desktop (Dimension 8400) running windows XP Pro (all these systems the three servers and desktop as well as the modem WAP/router and WAP/Switch in one room with one Monitor and a KVM switch).

    Addidionally in this same room I have a Laserjet printer (brother HL-5140) and a Multi-function Machine (HP officejet G85) both are USB connected to my office desktop)

    Then I have a desktop in the kids room running win XP Pro (Dimension 8100) with a wireless Linksys network adapter (WUSB11). A Laptop running XP Pro (VAIO PCG-GRV550) with a Wireless PC card (WPC11) this laptop will roam wherever in the house. And a IPAQ Pocket PC running blue tooth no modem yet but soon I would like to connect this remotely to the network. I want to make sure that these systems connect througn the WAP/Switch and not directly through the WAP/Router.

    I want the server running Windows Server 2003 to be the default domain based gateway to the internet for all systems involved and I want it to be a second firewall besides the one already in the WAP/Router. This will be my lab as I study for the MCSE and later CISCO.

    Additionally it will be a great way to monitor the network traffic in the house.

    Is this a possible setup? If so how and what WAP/Switch would be recommended. When I order the Server 2003 Small business will is it required to have a CAL for all the below?

    Two (SC420 Servers)
    Two desktops
    one laptop
    two printers
    one pocket PC

    I know it is a lot of information but I did not want to leave anything out. Any help will be greatly appreciated.