DSL vs PPPoE DSL?????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by contender, Jul 19, 2002.

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    I currently have DSL service. The advertised speeds by my ISP are 1024kbps down and 512kbps up. I get close to and actually obtain the advertised speeds most of the time. My service overall has been good.

    Now my ISP is offering a speed upgrade for the same price, BUT hold on before you start saying, he'd be nuts not to take a speed upgrade for the same price! The BUT part is I have to now switch to PPPoE!

    Is this worth the speed upgrade? The new speed upgrade by the way is 1500 down and 640 up. They are not forcing current customers to switch to the PPPoE unless they move, cancel the service and then get it hooked up again at a later date or want to switch to the speed upgrade.

    I have used the PPPoE service before from another ISP and absolutely hated it.

    What do you guys/gals have to say about PPPoE? Also, what is the benefit of converting to PPPoE for an ISP?
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    PPPoE basically means that you have to use software to "log in" to your DSL like you would a dialup account. It is not always on, and your IP address changes every time you sign on (bad for running personal webservers and such). On the upside, those features make your line more secure.

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    Ok great, but does performance decrease? Basically, am I losing out by going this way?
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    i use pppoA to conect to my DSL ISP in the uk, no need to make a dila up connection jsut enter your credentials into the modem/router all in one unit and jsut power up the pc and its allready connected :D
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    I run the ppoe connection through a router, (Linksys), and it stays "always on" without the need to log on. I share bandwidth over 5 computers and have had very few problems. Shaun
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    I have SBC DSL running PPPoE and the speeds are way up there, right up with the advertised speeds. XP has PPPoE built in, and if you use a router, the router stores the login info and stays connected, so you won't even notice the difference.
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    if i have some tweaks applied will i have to do any changes or re-tweaking for PPPoE?
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    PPPoE stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet. It's an encapulation type used to create a virtual hop from your connection to the router. The result is a single connection between your connection and the providers router. PPP uses authentication (CHAP, most likely) which is why you have to "login" when you connect.

    There is no difference between in the DSL using g.lite and frame encapsulation and PPPoE other than the method used to get the signal from your modem to the provider.