DSL too F*****G Expensive !!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZAnwar, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. ZAnwar

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    Does anyone know where I can get cheap DSL from. By cheap I mean not over £20 !!!
  2. hmmmm sorry im in the usa and dsl where im at is chaeper than cable hmmmm ....... and just as fast for me because the cable here is FREAKING CAPPED !!!! i pay 39.99 for a 2+meg down line:)
  3. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    pick up an 802.11 card for your pc, then drive around
  4. tastingw

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    I live in the Netherlands, I pay the same about $42
    And my downstream is 512kb.
    I'm curious about other countries what to pay for DSL
  5. sadsonic

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    802.11 .. for laptop? -Really, can you recieve a signal from outside the building..?
  6. Qumahlin

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    Haven't you heard Sadsonic! it's the latest hacking trend

    you get a wireless card and an antennae, and drive around..you can login SO MANY abdly secured networks and leech off their network and even download private files...they can't control how far their wireless signal travels and you'd be amazed how strong some of those suckers are :)
  7. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    hey, anyone know how to get better range for an 802.11... ie, put tin foil on the antennae, or anything like that?
  8. AmarSingh

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    im in canada...i pay $35 monthly for 6Mbps cable ( and we all know that is about $1.37 american LOL). The dsl here is much slower (1-2 Mbps) and it is $40 monthly
  9. Hutch

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    I have had broadband now for about a month,i cant remeber how i got along without it.
    I know that if i had waited for a couple of weeks i would have got it at the cheaper price they are offering right now(BT OPENWORLD)I had to pay £150 to have it installed and £40 a month.The offer they have on now is £85 install and £29 p/m.
    Mine is going down to £29 in line with the offer,so thats all right.
    If you have the possabillity to get it then dont hesitate,is all i can say.
    The speeds you get are dependent on the distance you are from your local exchange,luckily i am only about 1/4 mile from mine and my downlosd speeds are consistantly over 500kbps down and over 200 up,a better way of describing it is i download 1mb in 15 seconds.
    One of the best things is streaming media,when i was using a dial up account i would never bother with it,as the connection was far to slow to listen to it,but now i listen to internet radio all the time,the stations i can pick up are amazing and from all over the world.
    As you can guess i am very happy with broadband and i recommend it to anyone.:D
  10. denny250

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    I couldnt agree more with Hutch I am with Bt openworld and know that when I go round to a mates house and go onto the web with dial up I hate the slow speed.
    Also most of my mates are having loads of trouble signing on the other day a mate told me it took him 15 mins to dial up and get online the same evening my adsl connection took 15 secs and that was slow
  11. sadsonic

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    Hey, thats too cool!! -Unfortunaly I dont live in a big city like London.. not even a big country .. :-(