DSL not working after XP Pro Upgrade

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by syzlakus, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. syzlakus

    syzlakus Guest

    I just upgraded to MS XP Pro from XP Home and now the connection wizard will not allow me to set up a new internet connection.

    1. First I go to "New Connection Wizard" and select "Connect to the Internet"

    2. I select "Set-up mu connection manually"

    3. Now when I go to the next screen, the option I need to select: "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and passwword" is grayed out and unselectable.

    ...DSL Connection was fine before XP Pro upgrade.

    * Yes I have admin privilages, and re-installed XP Pro, and deleted net connections and tried again. Also downloaded current DSL drivers. Nothing works.

    HP, Microsoft and Bellsouth say it's a config problem which does not help me!

    Anyone know what may be wrong????????????????????
  2. funky dredd

    funky dredd Moderator

    Haven't a clue. Sorry I can't help you :(
  3. Conan

    Conan Guest

    Is your Ethernet card being recognized by XP?
  4. Syedur

    Syedur OSNN Addict

    Hm.... DSL requires (if I am not mistaking) login... and thats why you want to use the login fields to connect...

    Follow this, let me know what you get...

    Network Connection Wizard > Connect to the Internet > Set up manual connection > Connection using.... requires username/password (PPPoE) > you can take it from there...

    Well, sorry if this isn't what you are looking for.
  5. syzlakus

    syzlakus Guest


    Those are the correct steps, except option 2, "broadband connection with user name and password" is "grayed out", and unselectable?

    I can only select on option 3, broadband connection?

    When I upgraded to Pro, it somehow re-configured my pc.
  6. visuelz

    visuelz Guest

    hey i had this problem before.....you have to add a connection to the internet options part. I dont remember what but im sure your ISP knows.