Drug Squad

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    With the rising numbers of drug arrests, the thames valley police recently decided on a crackdown.

    With all the failed previous attempts, it was decided that a special task force would speak to individuals known to be taking drugs, before they were arrested.

    Two officers were chosen as a test run for this experiment, and they were sent into the field...

    After one week, the officers were called into main HQ to discuss the results

    Officer A was the first to explain his tactics and results...

    "I managed to obtain a sworn affa david from 275 people ensuring they would never do drugs again"

    Astounded by the results the commanding officer asked how they were obtained...

    "Well i drew a large circle on a piece of paper and told them that this was thier brain before taking drugs, then i drew a tiny circle, and told them that was there brain after"

    The commanding officer was suitably impressed, and asked officer B for his results...

    "I manged to obtain an affa david from 3795 people declaring they would never do drugs again"

    Absolutely gobsmacked by the result, the commanding officer was eager to know how officer B obtained his results...

    "Well i drew a tiny circle on a piece of paper and told them this is you backside before going to prison....
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    LOL, not sure what to add :p