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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by niteghost, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Reformatted and Install XP Pro, and it went well except that there were a Bunch of Drivers that did not get Install. Freak out, instead of locating those drivers ( Ethernet Controllers, Multimedia Audio Controllers.... ) from the Manufacturer, I did another Reformat of my HD and Reinstalled XP again.
    Now, that I fixed up all my Drivers and able to get Online w/DSl, I noticed all my Drives Letters are Messed Up.
    Have already done this : >>>>Control Panel >> Admin. Tools >>> Disk Management and tried to "Reassign " my Drive Letters back. Unfortunately, Windows won't let me do it, stating that " ** Windows cannot modify the drive letter of your system Volime or Boot Volume*** "

    Primary Partition C:/ >>>>> F:/
    Logical Extended D:/ >>>>> C:/
    DVD -RW E:/ >>>>> D:/
    CD Rom F:/ >>>>... E;/

    How can I change it back to default , without reinstalling XP again.

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    i had that problem beofre as well. what i did was back up everything i had on those drives and cleaned up all the drives in the XP install mode. Reforammted all my drives and recreated the C:/ partition. i was able to create a proper C:/ drive then.

    i have no idea how this happened. very weird
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    Acronis Disk Director Suite I'm not sure how many options the demo version offers but its a great program for hard drive partitioning. You might also want to consider a disk drive image maker such as Acronis True Image (I swear I don't work for Acronis) where you can back up your C:\ drive where your primary operating system is located and store those images on another partition, so if you need to restore you don't need to reinstall all those drivers, hotfixes, etc,.
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    I can also use Acronics True Image which I am more familiar with. thanks for the suggestion.