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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by john30uk, Aug 7, 2002.

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    I have installed the latest leaked nvidia and via 4 in 1 driver like the rest of you and have achieved better scores.
    But im wondering does the via drivers have to be for one or other in the case of pentium or athlon as i seem to remember on ASUS site i had to click socket a then my motherboard A7V333 then look down list for xp driver,is th one advertised in forums here for athlon or pentium or does it not matter.
    2ndly the amd driver on front page,1 is ude and other is miniport what exactly do they do over the basic microsoft driver that semm to be everywhere after a clean format,i understand my nvidia and creative drivers deliever better performance,but i did get a amd k7 driver from windows update yesterday for my xp2000,i also notice that my ide channels are both driven by microsoft.
    What eactly does the 4 in 1 via driver drive,is my cpu involved.
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    As far as I know, 4in1s are for mobos with Via chipsets only, which is your case.
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    right ok catch but is the via drivers for athlon or pentium or both.
    and what would the two amd drivers on front page do then ,the ide says no amd produst detected enen though i have a xp2000 but mabe its not got amd 760-762 chipset on motherboard as my original asus did as i now got a7v333 via chipset.
    would i need to install the amd agp driver or does the via 4 in 1 cover this.
    there is a lot in my device manager seems to be microsoft driven,the amd driver came from windows update,also i heard the refrsh rate could be improved by using my own monitirs driver ie mitsubishi but most people just use windows drivers for cd-writer/dvd and monitor.
    i am a bit clued up but apart from soundcard and videocard what would see a benifit in using the parts dedicated maufacturors drivers
    please help.