Driver_IRQL_NOT when i update..HELP!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ps2wiz01, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. ps2wiz01

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    Every time I go to windows update and download the updates..then when i restart my computer it says "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" on a blue screen. It just freezes on the screen. But the funny part is I have to restart my comp and the message doesn't apear again. But if i shut down my comp and then turn it on I always get that same problem. And i don't get this problem if i uninstall the updates.
  2. LPDad

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    What are your computer specs??
    We need more information.
    This problem is usually caused by a driver trying to access a part of memory it is not supposed to--HOWEVER, I get this problem also and it can also be caused by a variety of other things (aggressive Dram settings , memory config, etc)
    Are you by chance using an Abit motherboard???
  3. W.G.A.F

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    This problem has been reported quite a bit with the Asus A7V333 on various forums and i've even had it myself on the same board after trying to transfer and move large files, cause was memory setting too aggressive. Some others have also had it during trying to install XP which would be a similar problem involving large memory and file use. Try lowering your memory settings to something more conservative and see if it helps.
  4. ps2wiz01

    ps2wiz01 Guest

    I've tried lowering the setting still doesn't help

    here are my specs:

    Pentium 4 2.26 ghz
    786 DDR RAM
    Western Digital 120 gigabytes with 8 MB Buffer
    GForce 4 ti4200
    Gigabyte GA-8IEXP Motherboard
  5. Henyman

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    here's the solution 4 u


    sound's like it's a driver problem. the link should help u 2 sort it out. i've heard a lot of these "not less equal" error's recently 4 some reson...:p
  6. ps2wiz01

    ps2wiz01 Guest

    The weird thing is that I only get this message after i install the winodws updates. I've checked my device manager and i don't see any conflicts with any drivers, the only thing is that some aren't digitally signed.
  7. Henyman

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    which driver's have u installed recently?, try rolling it bk + see if that help's
  8. ps2wiz01

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    I haven't installed any drivers recently. Nothing seems to help this is weird.
  9. allan

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    That message is indicative of bad or conflicting drivers. You want to download and install the latest drivers for all your hw (especially vid & sound cards) from the OEM web sites, not from Windows Update. And next time you go to Windows Update, be sure not to download drivers.
  10. ps2wiz01

    ps2wiz01 Guest

    I've got my drivers all up to date maybe there just isn't a fix for it yet. Thanks anyways.
  11. Henyman

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    it is definatly a driver error., probebly a video card driver, 4 some reason my driver wen't wrong 1 time. i fixed it by uninstalling it + rebooting. xp then gives it a driver 4 u. then u can upgrade from there. try uninstalling ur driver 1 @ time.
  12. xsk8zerox

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    erm usb devices can also cause it
  13. Henyman

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    i'm pretty certain it's a driver error,corupted or not workin properly...