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    Well I said I would keep you in the loop with development of drivers, ATI have at last released their egally awaited drivers CATALYST 7.1 on time for the release of Windows Vista, but will still have the big guns to come out of the closset yet. Intel, nividia, Creative Labs, are still developing their drivers. Creative Labs have stated these drivers are still in development and we are working alongside Microsoft to develop these drivers, we cannot give a definative date, but continue to monitor the support site between now and April. There will be updates for 24-bit external and internal cards, in Q1 of 2007, so again just keep an eye out for the driver updates. Intel, nothing since the 26th of Nov 2006, Intel support, said maybe before and after we don't know basically. Logitech have released updated SetPoint 3.3 as well. Nvidia, are still developing their drivers and will be available shortly, although continue to monitor for driver updates in Q1 2007.


    Creative Labs drivers At last I have an answer from Creative Labs, expect driver updates in the Q1 of 2007, basically between now and April. There will be drivers from external 24-bit as well which pleases me.
    ATI Catalyst drivers Released 7.1 drivers now available from ATI.
    Intel Chipset Utility drivers expected dates for update to current incompatible drivers would not say, but off the record should be before the release of Vista.
    Logitech drivers Drivers are available from Logitech, SetPoint 3.3.
    nvidia drivers We are working along side with Microsoft to develop compatible drivers. So basically push off...? no date.

    So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth.

    Creative Labs release applications software for Windows Vista 32-Bit and 64-Bit, for the Audigy and the X-Fi. Both of these drivers are available for download from Creative Labs on the below address.

    Note: There is not support for the SoundBlaster Live sound card for Windows Vista, these application drivers are only currently available for the Audigy and X-Fi sound cards, these are also limited and not all cards have been updated.

    Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer 5.10.38
    Creative CD Burner Plugin 5.01.31 for Creative MediaSource 5 Player/Organizer

    Please bear in mind these are still BETA drivers and not official drivers until the final release in Jan 2007.

    Keep you posted.
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