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    I freshly installed my-self a new copy of XP Prof. and installed Macromedia Dreamweaver. For those of u who are familiar with this program, it has 3 buttons in the top left side of the main toolbar. Code, Code and Design, and Design. So for some reasons those button do not work so i have no way of looking at the code wile i'm designing a webpage. I asked the support from macromedia and yet i t has been 2 weeks and no response. I also tried turning of the visual style, also got the patch. (4.01) an yet nothing changed. Any help would be greatly appricieated!

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    I use Dreamweaver 4 with XP Pro and those buttons work okay, zatrix, so I would suggest a re-install of Dreamweaver. If you press F10 the code can be viewed in the Code Inspector, if that's of any help, until you get it fixed.
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    Thanx A lot!
    That really helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanx a lot!
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    Glad to help, zatrix, sorry it doesn't cure the problem though.:confused:
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    windows update has comp[atibilty updates for dreamweaver, get all the xp updates from windows update, and it should fix that.
    one compatibilty update specifically mentions dreamweaver.