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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TomServo, Jan 9, 2002.

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    When using Dreamweaver Ultradev4 (or DW4 for that matter) in Win2k and WinXP, there is a problem that occurs in the property inspector box. Whenever you select from the pulldown menus for Font or Size (for instance), the top part of the box changes to what looks like a background of the box where you can see the objects label. (I see "operties" in my case) This bug appears to be introduced when you run the 4.01 update. I have had this issue with Win2K and XP on both my laptop (compaq Armada E500) and my Workstation at home. The laptop is using an ATI Rage Mobility Pro set while the Workstation is running an NVidia GF2 64mg DDR card so I don't feel there is a video specific problem.
    Has anyone seen this behavior? I don't feel it is imperative that I run Macromedia's update but all the same, a mystery to me. I have yet to here a repsonse from Macromedia so I thought I'd ask here.
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    I would suggest you try a dreamweaver support forum or dreamweaver support newsgroups. Especially because you experience the same issue in 2K and XP, which implies it's not just you, nor is it just one OS.
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    I should and I will when I get back home, but our network here doesn't allow "news://" through so this is one of the few discussion groups I am able to access. Just thought I'd through it out here though in case anyone had seen it. I'm just kinda impatient I guess :)