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  1. Nick M

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    Has anyone seen it?

    If so, any thoughts? :)
  2. NetRyder

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    Sazar watched it, I believe. We were talking about the "Final Flight of the Osiris" clip the other day in #ntfs. :)
  3. Sazar

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    yup... refer to the thread called "final flight of the osiris"



    movie itself was better than my expectations... which were admittedly quite low... but I loved the animatrix movie... not cartoonish... but all extremely high class CG... excusite..
  4. Kr0m

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    Anyone else see this movie yet? My GF is reading the book and says the book is great. (I know of course that most movies aren't as good as the books.)
  5. killerk

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    this movie was kick ass,

    burping and farting out aliens? - you can't go wrong

    The best part was Tom Sizemore having a showdown with a helicoptor. Talk about akshun.

    Donnie Walburg and Morgan Freeman also made this movie kick ass

    The book was a little bit different, just a little more detail ( as usual) wth some minor changes, like instead of the Boston water supply it was the water supply of Duddits hometown

    ** edit - there was also a great reference in the book to Pennywise, (from "Thing") - It was a monument also in the hometown of Duddits.
  6. gballard

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    ermm no...it was the Boston water supply...just like in the book...the movie went right along with the book except for the ending...total opposite of the book..but overall...a good movie
  7. killerk

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    Pretty sure is wasn't the boston water supply, but it's been a while since I read the book, and I could be incorrect.


    In true hollywood style they butchard the ending and made Duddits turn into an alien.......... classic

  8. gballard

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    well...i read the book as well...and it was the reservoir...started with a Q and the aqueduct to Boston was pipe number 12....I specifically remember Henry telling Owen that when they entered the gate to the reservoir.
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