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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by purush, Apr 28, 2002.

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    Each time I try to download a file say, 2MB it starts to download and supposedly save to my documents folder, when I open the documents folder the file size is not 2MB but a few kbs. It seems I am not able to download any file completely. Can anyone please help ? Thanks
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    when you download the file does the progress bar go all the way to the end? and then give you the open folder, close, open option? and if so what happens when you click open?
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    Yes the progress bar starts moving, but the file size is not the same as only a portion of it is downloaded.
  4. I have a similiar problem. I'll be trying to download something via IE6 and it will get maybe 10% through and it just hangs. I have to stop it and try again and after a few times it may work. My thoughts are that it might have something to do with my firewall or NAT. I'm pretty confused.
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    You should check your connection to the Internet during the time this occurs. See if email, telnet, FTP, web browsing, etc. is also affected. A browser does not download the file itself, it just makes it so you are able to.
  6. Everything else seems to be fine when its happening.
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    it could be the server you are downloading from.. mind you if this is a persistent problem with every download then it could be your machine or a prob wiht your ISP.. you should use a download agent like Gozilla or GetRight so you can pick up downloading from the point the download failed..