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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cky, May 12, 2002.

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    when i click on a .zip file link to down it automatically downloads it and i cant like save it...its pissin me off. how can i fix this?
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    Two possiblities that i can think of...

    if using IE...just right click the zip link..and choose "save as"....or...

    opening up winzip, (i have version 8.1, build 4331) and click on tools..and the "Winzip Internet Browser Support Add-On Configuration"..and see if the "Open downloads after moving" is check'd or not...

    you have to get the add-on seperately if you dont already have it...more information can be found at:


    anyway..hope this helps...!!

    good luck!

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    i stand

    instead of "save as"....look for ..."save target as"..and then choose where you want to save the zip file...

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    so much for trying to recite from memory!!! correction!! when i said to look under "tools"..that should be "options" tab ...sorry!!!

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