Downloadable E-Books For writing code??

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  1. Where can i download Quality E-Books for programs such as Visual Basic,Java,C++ and Perl.
  2. DrMetallica

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    I dunno. If you find out, tell me.

    I have some non-e-books on PHP, wich is like the modern internet version of perl

    I was in vegas and i got bored so i bought a $30 PHP by example from borders. i'm currently reading it, and it includes how to creat databases using mySQL

    I also got a PHP book from the public library, it's called the "PHP Bible" or something. Very heavy, very informative. It's almost like a textbook.

    i've tried looking on kazaa in the past, and it's mostly junk, altho there were good learn-html books that got me started in web programming.