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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by hohner, May 11, 2002.

  1. hohner

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    I am looking for a program which will log the time and download usage as I am connected to the internet.
    I have looked around but only seem to find programs that monitor time, not download.
    I know you can right click the internet connected icon and choose status to view the sent and received bytes, but once you are disconnected this information is lost.
    Does anyone know of a suitable program?
  2. Kr0m

    Kr0m Moderator

    Turtle Island
    hmm, I think DUMeter can do that sort of thing. It defenitely keeps track of data received and sent.
  3. hohner

    hohner Guest

    thanks, I'll give it a try
  4. hohner

    hohner Guest

    Hey KrOm,

    Thanks for the help, that program is just what I was looking for. Monitors download/upload totals, time, and is very versatile as in the way you can personalise settings.
    I am on an unlimited time/download plan with my ISP so I don't need to worry about reaching any limits, but I was just curious as to how much I am downloading a month.

    If anyone else is looking for a similar tool/program, I'd suggest trying DUMeter.

    Thanks again.