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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by clarre, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. clarre

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    Hi hope I'm in the right forum.
    I and a couple of buddys to me have a problem with DOS in both Xp and 2000 Pro. When we work in a DOS window all works fine but when using Alt+Enter to shift to fullscreen the computer reboot. I think it's grafic related but can't figure out what. We have Geforce 2 MX cards from diffrent manufactors and we have tested to change the drivers but it's still the same problem. Is there anyone who have a solution?
    Btw sorry for the bad spelling I'm from Sweden
  2. scriptasylum

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    Des Moines,IA
    Hmm, just tried it on win2k (I'm at work) and it opened full screen fine. Maybe it is graphics related, this crap Compaq has the Intel integrated graphics on the mobo.
  3. Mister Zee

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    Which drivers are you using for your video cards? If they are all from different manifacturers, but all nVIDIA based... get the latest denotator drivers from

    What else do your friends have in comon with you? Any other hardware!?
  4. clarre

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    I've tried the drivers from 23.11 to 27.70 And I 've the same problem vith all of them.