DOS command for NT4.0 setup!! Help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by drdoug26, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. drdoug26

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    I'm trying to set up a NT4.0 Server. I've done this many times on this particular server but for some reason this time the floppy disk setup is not working.

    I was told to try using a win98 boot disk in order to see the scsi cdrom. This did work but I can not get the cd to start the setup!

    I've tried these dos commands at the d:\ prompt [run], [setup], [setup.exe], [start], [startup]. If I type d:\dir I get a list of stuff so I know I can see the cdrom but maybe not the NT4.0 disk.

    I do not know anymore dos command.

    I used fdisk to make the partitions and set active, as usual. I did not fromat cause I wanted NTFS. (maybe I'll try to format through fdisk and see if that helps)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as usual.

  2. krisatkins

    krisatkins Guest

    not sure but....

    as for dos commands what you need is the installation .exe I think

    to find out all the exe files on a drive all you need to do at the dos prompt is type "dir *.exe" without the quotes, that should show you all the exe files there are. I think you need one that says install.exe or similar. I know the exe file for xp is in a subfolder so have a look at all the folders on your installation cd.
  3. drdoug26

    drdoug26 Guest

    Okay, were getting somewhere i think.

    I typed: d:\cd i386 . That gave me the d:\i386> prompt.
    next I typed D:\i386>dir *.exe . Which gave me the a list of all .exe file.

    Next I typed [D:\i386>winnt] which looked like it was going to start the set up. It loaded a blue guey which asked where the setup files were. The default was i386 so I hit enter.

    I next took me to the CREATE THREE SETUP FLOPPYS program. I have already tried the floppy method and it does not work.

    I need to run setup from that CD!!!

    Maybe the 'setup files are else where' or like you said deeper in a folder. How do I open these folders to look around?

    Anyother ideas

  4. dejav00

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    You tried booting from the floppy's right?

    Only other thing I can come up with is trying to boot from the long as it's not an upgrade version you should be able to.

    NOTE: When booting from the CD there can't be a floppy in the floppy drive.


    While using the three setup disks you shouldn't go to a command prompt, just put disk #1 in and let it boot.


    Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from the floppy drive first, then HDD-0, and last the CD-ROM.

    Anymore questions, or if you need to talk specifically to a person,

    my IM's are:

    AIM: AspD3
    ICQ: 139515061

    I'll be signed into all of those in 2.5 hours from the time on this post. If you aren't available for that time, just reply here. and I'll help you as best I can.
  5. krisatkins

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    wow dos!!

    Okay whenever you do a dir command if you add "/p" after it, then it will pause after every screen this will help you locate any directories. To change into any other directory you have to use the CD command. (I assume you already know this, as you changed your drive letter). As I'm no expert all I can suggest is to go into each directory and look for all the .exe files.
    OR... if you type /? after the program it might give you other options. EG: winnt.exe /?
    Having to use DOS is horrible.

    Just ask any LINUX user.
  6. drdoug26

    drdoug26 Guest

    Tired all that. It will not boot from the scsi cdrom.

    I just need to know exactly where the setup files are located. When I use D:\i386, it takes me into the 'making the 3 floppy set disks'. I know there is a switch (/X do not create the setup boot floppies) and another (/B floppyless operation (requires /s)) but I don't know how to use them.


  7. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    I'm not familiar with NT 4.0. The i386 folder is your setup folder and winnt.exe is the setup file - I'm basing this on comparison with XP and Windows 2000 professional - winnt32.exe launchs setup from a running OS. You say you haven't formatted the drive yet... it's possible that setup isn't 'seeing' the drive and is defaulting to the floppy creation. I'd suggest formatting the drive and trying 'winnt.exe' from the i386 directory again.
  8. drdoug26

    drdoug26 Guest

    SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for all your help and patients! The install went smoothly this time. Server is up and running. Even got IE6.0 in already.

    Here's the final fix for me:

    Create primary partition w/ FDISK from win 98 boot disk
    NO large disk support & use intire disk and set active
    Reboot (#3 no cd support) to an A:\
    A:\format C:
    Reboot (#2 with cd support) still get an A:\
    A:\LOCK C: Say yes to the warning it gives
    D:\ cd i386
    D:\i386>winnt /b (that all I needed)
    SetUp now copies file from d: to c:
    Completed: tells you to remove and floppies (I was glad to see that)
    Hit enter and computer reboots and setup runs.
    Remember to hit F6 and install your scsi drivers via the s prompt.

    Happy Happy Happy!!!!!!!!

    Special thanks to Myne_h (overclockers AU), Aiken (overclockers AU, and Fraggle (overclocker USA) for all their help and patients with me. I sure learned a lot today and No one on these forums should ever have trouble installing NT4.0 Server from a non-bootable CD again! (if they find this thread)

    Thanks again

    Doug San Jose California USA