Doom III alpha leak

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by 24Seven, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. 24Seven

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    Hey anyone got their hands on this yet? Ive tried it out and it looks absolutely amazing from what i can see of it (3 levels). The sound and graphics are something that you just have to see/hear to believe. It is a complete resource hog and runs pretty slowly even on my 1.8 and geforce 3.
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    doom 3

    just finished trying out the doom 3 alpha release. i must say it kicks some serious ass. however, if you dont have a really powerful system, it'll choke on you as it did on my computer. this game reminds me of resident evil but much better.
  3. 24Seven

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    hey i just finished trying this out aswell, graphics and sound are truley amazing! Complete resource hog atm so lets hope they polish up the code enough to make it playable for alot of people. Shame i could only get it to run in windowed mode though, woulda like some big screeny's :D
  4. Electronic Punk

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    Of course it will be optimised. This is an alpha... :p
    Can't belive it was Ati that leaked it!
  5. xsivforce

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    Already some nice tips out there. Got these from FthrJACK @MSFN

    bring down the console and type "exec runact.cfg" to load and watch the E3 demo movie.
    dont like the window size? want to change res?
    open doomconfig.cfg, Use Wordpad, look for
    seta r_mode "3"
    and change it, 4 is 800x600, 5 is 1024x768
    also find
    seta r_fullscreen "0"
    and change it to "1"

    all the F keys do things such as turn clipping off, god mode, wire frames, etc. have a play, as found in doomconfig file.
    bind F1 "testlight"
    bind F2 "poplight"
    bind F3 "toggle r_showprimitives 1"
    bind F4 "toggle r_showportals 1"
    bind F5 "toggle r_showtris 0 1 2 3"
    bind F6 "toggle r_showlights 2"
    bind F7 "toggle r_showlightcount"
    bind F8 "toggle r_showshadows 1"
    bind F9 "noclip"
    bind F10 "god"
    bind F11 "notarget"
    bind F12 "give all"

    For altering your keys, find these in doomconfig.cfg
    and alter them to look like here:

    bind s "_back"
    bind w "_forward"
    bind a "_moveleft"
    bind d "_moveright"

    That's assuming you want A and D to strafe left and right. If you want them to turn left and right, use "_left" and "_right", respectively.

    For spawning monster using the console:

    spawn monster_zombie_fat
    spawn monster_zombie_commando
    spawn monster_demon_demon
    spawn monster_demon_imp
    spawn monster_demon_bruiser
    spawn monster_demon_mancubus
    spawn char_scientist1
    spawn monster_demon_hellknight

    weapon spawns, most of these weapons dont work or suck but try em anyway:

    spawn weapon_shotgun
    spawn weapon_grenades
    spawn weapon_plasmagun
    spawn weapon_shell1
    spawn weapon_ammobox1
    spawn weapon_impfireball
    spawn weapon_rocketlauncher
    spawn weapon_pistol
    spawn weapon_chainsaw
    spawn weapon_bfg
    spawn weapon_chaingun
    spawn weapon_mflash

    more monsters:

    spawn monster_demon_pinky
    spawn monster_demon_zsecurity
    spawn monster_demon_tentacle
    spawn monster_demon_ghostskull
    spawn char_sarge2
    spawn char_common_blue
    spawn char_common_green
    spawn char_common_brown
  6. Hipster Doofus

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    Get ready for a flood of requests for help on overclocking. Batton down the hatches. :eek:
  7. Electronic Punk

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    I merged these 2 threads, technically this alpha is warez... so would rather kee teh num,ber of threads about it down.
  8. Mubbers

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    Seems more like some free advertising plus an opportunity to get some 'real-world-play-testing' - uber cynic that I am.

    Engineering it to be a 'leak' makes it seem more glamarous and thus higher profile!! :D

    Of course no one's complaining though - yeah D3 rocks :D

  9. Ace123

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    where can i get a copy of the demo... I realize its considered warez at the moment but its still a DEMO and meos are free so its meant to be free warez.. so in itsself.. cancels out the warez. so where can i get it? lol
  10. Electronic Punk

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    its not a demo, it's an e3 alpha.
  11. Ace123

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    ok the e3alpha then
  12. Sama98b

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    Can't post the link. But in 2 days it's gona be everywere.
    Just look for it. If you do'nt have the newest hardwer,
    do'nt even try it.
  13. BonyTony

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    Very,Very Pretty

    yes great graphics that my sysytem struggles on but i presume this game will have an 18 rating on it?,as i find it quite disturbing and unsettling whilst playing it (i still play it:p )which is good for me as it has spooked me a few times.... but not for those kiddies out there.
  14. 24Seven

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    lol so true. Its got a great atmosphere to it and is unnerving even to me :D It looks one of the most promising games i have seen even from the alpha you can tell its going to be one of the great all timers.
  15. Teddy

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    Cannot believe that all of you are all so bloody impatient to wait for the full version to be released! ;)

    This game is being hyped to be the most amazing game ever created (graphics, sounds etc) and all you guys seemed to be worried about is getting your hands on a piece of crap alpha/beta (whatever is it) version of it. Why cant you people wait for the final version to be on sale and then be totally blown away by the product when you buy it, install it on your PC and load it up. By getting 'involved' with leaked versions you are totally ruining it for yourselves, there is nothing to be gained from it. You'll no doubt pick up the next leaked version in a couple of weeks/months and will boast about that too.

    Basically, be patient, wait for the final version to be released and then prepare yourself for possible the most terrifying game ever made. It wont have the impact on you that it should of if you keep downloading these leaked betas. You'll end up being disappointed soley because you have been trying out all these leaks.

    I too find it tempting to download this alpha/beta but have the will power not to. It'll be a long, hard wait but i will gain much more from it than getting a sneaky look at it every now and then throughout its development.

    You really are ruining it for yourselves.

    This is meant in the nicest possible way! :eek:)
  16. Sazar

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    wlel m8... the most terrifying game I ever played was beavis and butthead... nothing will compare to the experience of a vid game with them in it :) lol...
  17. BonyTony

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    You better pass your message on to....

    ALL the game companys who release demos of there games as soon as they are released thus allowing us to sample the game which then may influence us into buying it, i see this Alpha release as a mistake by ati if they are so to blame but from my experience of the few maps in this its very good(and i have not read any of the hype or being influenced in any way,as i have been duped so many times into buying the Best game and not been satisfied "Cough"unreal 2003)and i am sure the game will end up very different from what we are seeing.

    ps ....I would by this game if it was out now from the few maps i have played,so are leaks are really bad for the company if it brings in new customers ?.
  18. 24Seven

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  19. Octopus

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    be nice guys and send me the damn URL to get the leaked version.
  20. Jewelzz

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    That would be considered warez, don't think anyone is gonna help ya out there Octopus