Dont Eat Bananas

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    Dont Eat Bananas
    There was these three guys, an asian, black and white guy.

    They were driving on the highway when all of a sudden their car stopped. They spotted a house and a barn and decided to go and ask the owner if they could stay in the barn for the night.

    The owner said "yeah but you can't eat any of my bananas."

    So, they went to the barn and went to sleep. At about 2:00 AM they were so hungry they had to eat some bananas.

    The owner found out they did, so he went out to the barn and said "ok, since you did this I want you to go out in the fruit patch and pick three of your favorite fruits and they have to be the same."

    So they did and the white guy got done first and he picked strawberries.

    The owner said "Stick them up your butt." So he did.

    The asian guy got done next and he picked blueberries.

    He came up to the owner and the owner said "Stick them up your butt." so he did.

    They both started laughing and the owner said "What are you laughing about?"

    They both said "The black man's picking watermelons!"
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    Painful :D
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    Racial stereotyping should not be tolerated in this news group.
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    yea, that pisses me off... not all white people like strawberries
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    you are correct that these things should not be tolerated but you have to take in context...maybe the poster is black or he may have nothing but black friends and be white and that's how he talks with his friend...I am white and have just as many black friends as I have white and when we all make fun of each other you would think that we were nothing but racists but we just understand each other and are friends...I don't condone ignorant racism but sometimes there is a reason
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    I have to put up with all the dumb blonde jokes :rolleyes: :p
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    Where is the stereotyping???
  9. Oh come off it, its just a joke. If he said that was a white guy picking watermelons would it not be racist towards white people?
    I think people are taking the whole "oh I said black person therefore Im racist" thing just a touch too far.