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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cpomd, Sep 19, 2003.

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    I am trying to get 6 laptops running Win2k Pro to rejoin a domain and also 1 PC.

    Setup is Win2k Server running with 2xNICs 1 for Internet other for LAN set to also running DHCP and DNS on Server.

    Have tried various things as recommended from net, IE removing Computer Name from Active Directory, renaming Computer using Administrator Account all to no avail.

    The PC is particularly frustrating as it has been formatted and had WinXP Pro reinstalled, am running out of options Please can anyone help?
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    Make sure that the PC you are trying to add to the domain has the DC as a DNS server. If it does not then you will need to add a manual entry. Delete the account from AD. To add the account..

    Right click on My Computer
    Select Properties
    Select the Computer Name tab
    Click on Change
    If it already shows as being part of a domain then you will need to add it to a workgroup (just name it anything you want). You will need to reboot after you make that change.
    Select domain and enter the name of your domain.
    When prompted to enter a username and password use an account that has access rights to add and delete accounts (if you have access to the domain admin password then use that.)

    Hope that works for you!

    If you are getting errors then post the exact errors. It will be easier to help out then.
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    Many thanx for ur prompt reply will,k have to wait till monday to try that out will let u know for sure how it works out
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    Error message reads error occurred validating the name
    The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.