Dolby® Digital and Sound Blaster Audigy Connection ---> Please Provide Assistance!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Cannibal Corpse, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Hi All,

    I have purchased a Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer, and I need to know how can I connect it to a soon to be purchased Dolby® Digital 5.1 A/V Unit?

    I mean I have a Dolby® Digital 5.1 A/V system installed in my living room and I have used 6 speakers’ cables to the back of this unit, whereas the Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer has only ONE Digital connector.

    Also would it be wiser to get one the 5.1 digital Speakers “packages” (like Cambrige) or should I buy just the A/V and Sub-Woofer? (Since I already have the Center, F Left, F Right. R left and R Right speakers hooked to my current Dolby® PRO LOGIC A/V unit.

    Please see the images and advise!

    Thanks in advance.

    My current Dolby® PRO LOGIC A/V unit and speakers:



    My living room (with "true" DD 5.1 A/V):

  2. ditchhopper

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    I dont know how you did it? You seem to have twice the amount of gear than me but only half the wires! Wish I could help with the question but just had to mention WOW killer t.v.
  3. Goatman

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    If your reciever has COAX in (if it's a decent one it should), just use a mono mini plug to RCA cable from the Digi out, to the COAX in. That's how I did it.
  4. Thanks for the response. I don't seem to find any attachments to your post though :(

    Please provide a picture thanks again
  5. kc7sbf

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    Adding to Goatman's post, which is what I would have said; your A/V receiver should have a coax input for dolby digital; most of the decent ones do.

    I will provide a graphic of what I would have to use; the cable has that same connector at both ends (it only has to be a two conductor cable with RCA plugs on each end. You will also need a 1/8" conductor mini plug adapter to adapt the RCA to a "stereo" type 1/8" headphone plug (only two of the three conductors are used though), you'll have to see which RCA end of the adapter you get sound out of. I'm not sure exactly which ones the sound card uses; I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card going into Creative Inspire Digital 5700 speakers (great sound; I can't do the same setup as you do; not enough space around my computer).

    Hopefully that will work.
  6. WOAH< what a setup!!!!!!!
  7. surge

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    get one of the Cambridge sound works setups they are good value for money, and i have the dtt3500 running with my audigy sound card, you will be impresed when you play back dvds or AC3 files :D