DOH!!!windows xp home edition???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by larrythelamb, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. larrythelamb

    larrythelamb Guest

    I have installed windows xp home edition alongside my windows xp pro i get the dual boot screen no problems but the win xp home is swedish is there any way to change the language to english so i can read all the menus and windows?

    thanks in advance
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    lol, did you download a swedish version of XP? if so i'm not sure if there is a universal way to change the language file heheh
  3. larrythelamb

    larrythelamb Guest

    Yep a real turkey i feel,looks like that swedish phrase book may come in handy after
  4. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    Why on earth do you want to dual boot between Home and Pro!!

    At a loss:confused:
  5. phishhead

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    San Diego, California
    I was thinking the same thing. is there any benefit to duel boot pro and home. i thought home was just a striped down pro without all the extra admin stuff and security shit
  6. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    It is :confused:
  7. Druce

    Druce Guest

    Windows XP brings together two product families that were previously separate and decidedly unequal. From Windows 2000, it inherits a reliable, generally crash-proof foundation. It adds a host of user-friendly features and system utilities that were previously available only in Windows 98 or Windows Me. For good measure, it tosses in some interface enhancements and new capabilities that were previously available only as third-party add-ins.

    Most importantly, Windows XP comes in two distinctly different versions:

    Windows XP Home Edition. This budget-priced version is typically bundled with consumer PCs sold for use in homes and very small businesses. It’s intended for nontechnical users who don’t need to connect to corporate networks and don’t want to fuss with complicated system and security options. It’s compatible with any desktop or notebook PC that has a single CPU and a single video display.

    Windows XP Professional. This version includes everything in the Home Edition, plus all the networking and security components required to join a Windows NT/2000/XP domain. If your system configuration includes certain types of high-performance hardware, such as a dual-processor motherboard, you’ll need Windows XP Professional to fully utilize it.

    ^^ - from me book.. hope that helps... no need to dual boot in my opinon, just keep pro and u should be good...
  8. larrythelamb

    larrythelamb Guest

    Sorry guys and galls for the delay (b/band down again :-().
    Anyway to clear things up i was just experimenting with xp home edition it set up the dual boot so as not to lose my data on my win xp pro version anyway i have now deleted win xp home so just back to win xp pro ;-).
  9. Druce

    Druce Guest

    YaY lol.. hope nothing is muffed up...
  10. larrythelamb

    larrythelamb Guest

    Seems ok but if only i could speak/read swedish xp home looks a better option for me......oh well will have to keep lookin ;-)