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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Dylan Roscovich, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Dylan Roscovich

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    Hi. I'm kinda a dummy when it comes to computers. But does having a better video card make your games run faster and your applactions run better? :confused:

    I have a 8mb videocard right now with a 750mhz AMD 320mb ram and 1 hd at 7200rmp that is 60gigs and another one that is 20gig at 5200rpm.

    so the bottom line is. Would a better video card make my pc run better? :confused:
  2. Sazar

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    games faster with better gfx card.. yes.. applications depend on cpu speed unless you are dealing with 3d rendering or some such...

    so bottom line is... graphics card == better for games... thats it...
  3. NetRyder

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    A graphics card upgrade will make your games run better...much better, depending on what you move to.
    For better overall performance, a faster CPU and more RAM would certainly do you good. :)
  4. Tuffgong4

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    the graphics card will help but with the system that you are running a graphics card will only help so far since the rest of specs will cause a bottleneck and keep the graphics card abilities down a lot
  5. LeeJend

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    Your video, CPU and RAM are all weak.

    The video card is the worst of the lot right now, the CPU is number 2 and the RAM is number 3.

    Assuming you just want to perk up what you have now, not do a total rebuild:

    Budget option:
    $80 - MX 440 series, Tbird 1200 CPU (will need a better fan too)

    Better option:
    $140 - Radeon 9000/9200 PRO, tbird 1333 CPU (will need a better fan too), increase RAM to 512.

    Post your MB make and model, is the video on the MB, do you have an AGP slot, ram type (SIMM, DIMM, SDRAM, DDR, etc.), power supply rating and we can make better recommendations. Like if you have the right MB oyu can go to the XP series CPUs.

    If there is one thing we love around here it's spending other peoples money on upgrades. ;)
  6. Black-Syth

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    As aforementioned, the Graphics card will make your 3D graphics intensive programs run faster.

    I would recommend an upgrade to a better card, CPU, and would vote for adding more RAM. If you have the money, an AGP slot, and if your mobo supports the higher speed CPU, go for it. That way, you'll only spend a little bit of cash, and hold out with your Duron rig until newer, better, and faster technologies arrive.
  7. MUYA

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    Dude bottom line is you need a wholesale upgrade. Latest games demand a lot CPU or GPU. :( Save up for a bit, you have waited this long, whats few more months when scoket 939 AThlon64 and nForce3 250 or Via K8T800 Pro hit the market or Grantsdale Intel mobos with precotts hit the market with PCI Express and then NVIDIA and ATI launch their PCI Express cards.
  8. leedogg

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    Perhaps if you provide more info on what you want to use the pc for? like what games or applications specifically..