Does anyone know how I can get the IE satus bar to stay pernamently?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JoachimSLA, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. JoachimSLA

    JoachimSLA Guest

    In my Internet Explorer whenever I hope a new window, the status bar is closed, how can I keep it from closing?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. rodneyck

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    I have the opposite problem. I don't want my status bar to appear. If you go into view tab on IE, then click on status bar, it should appear. Then I close IE and open it back up to save the setting.

    As I stated above, I can not keep the status bar from staying hidden. It always seems to reset it self to being on. Does anyone know a more advanced method of permanently hiding the status bar?
  3. baarod

    baarod Guest

    since ie and the shell are now completely integrated you need to use explorers (not ie) features to do this. just open an explorer window (try opening "my computer") and from the view menu select status bar. now choose folder options from the tools menu then the view tab and click apply to all folders. yes it needs some work :)
  4. JoachimSLA

    JoachimSLA Guest

    :eek: That button is disabled... and won't work.

    Another strange problem is that my Program Files are customized like a Music folder.. and it won't change. :(
  5. allan

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    Open Explorer and enable the status bar. Then change the view (ie, from icons to details, etc). Then hold down the shift key and close the windwow.

    Now reopen it (the status bar should be there). Change the view back to whatever you like, hold down the shift key and close the window. It should be fine after that.
  6. kieofwoo

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    You have no idea how long this had been bugging me

    :D :D :D