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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by k0nartis06, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Inside my Documents and Settings folder is another folder which is the home folder for my administrator account for a previous XP installation which has since been deleted. I need the Favorites and some other stuff in that folder, but when I try to open it n my current XP installation i get a message saying "access is denied". how can I get this folder to open?
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    Just a guess.

    Open a prompt window & navigate to the folder.
    Open task manager\processes & end explorer.exe
    Then back in the command prompt try to move the files you want to a different folder. Possibly use the 'move' or 'copy' command.
    In task manager open application & start explorer.exe
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    I am having problems with this as well. I just built my new computer, and I threw the hd from the old one into the new one and its not the master drive, so for some reason I can no longer access my Documents & Settings folder on the old hard drive any longer, and I desperately need to get some files off of there. Anyone have any ideas how I could go about doing this?
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    well if you have a 98 boot disk you can accses it from dos and retrive the files you need from there (just guessing).
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    hmm, I'll have to try that when I get home. I'm at work trying to figure this out through PcAnywhere
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    If you are running Win XP Pro remove the check mark from "Use Simple file sharing" under the Tools\Folder Option View tab from within any explorer window, now you should be able to see a Security Tab when you right click on a folder\file and select properties, in there add the current user account you are using and give it Full Control this should allow you to view\modify the content of the folder\file.