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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by VenomXt, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. VenomXt

    VenomXt Blame me for the RAZR's Folding Team

    Houston, Texas
    ok. Im a bit bored nothing is broken right now.

    when you first get started in the morning. do you have a typical pattern of things to check online before your morning really starts.
    Here is mine.
    1. gmail, hotmail
    2. Osnn
    4. Winbeta
    5, neowin
    6 And the morning hasent offical started until i get my daily dose of ctrl alt del

    Im generally intrested in the results of this post as weird as it is. As is. for a well documented response i will rep anyone i can.
  2. xtweaker

    xtweaker Tweaking Monkey

    1. Open Winamp and crank up the music to wake me up while I'm prepping for work
    2. Thunderbird, check Email (using a paid IMAP account with Fastmail.FM)
    3. Check in Thunderbird's news feed to see if tehre's anything interesting on OSNN news
    4. Firefox, Check OSNN posts to see if I have replies to my answers/posts
    5. Firefox, check my bank account online to see how much money I can spend for lunch
    6. If I have time, I use Firefox to check up the PC news on (I'm a Gamspot Complete member...).
    7. I make sure my PC is all set for remote connection before I leave (check FTP server), then lock my PC and leave.

    That's pretty much it.
  3. Lee

    Lee OSNN Proxy

    I usually:

    1)Take a pee
    2)Wash my hands
    3)Brush my teeth
    4)Wash myself
    5)Go back to bed for a little exercise
    6)Get back up and get dressed
    7)Go for a jog
    8)Log on
    9)Find work that should have been done the night before
    10)Take a nap.
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  4. xtweaker

    xtweaker Tweaking Monkey

    ROFL! I think he wasn't asking for that much details, just what you go for ONLINE or on your PC... but it's nice to know.... I guess... haha
  5. VenomXt

    VenomXt Blame me for the RAZR's Folding Team

    Houston, Texas
    lol i guess that will work. but hygiene can be summed up too one event lol.
  6. X-Istence

    X-Istence * Political User

    1. Wake up
    2. Take a 20 minute shower
    3. Brush my teeth for 3 minutes
    4. Get dressed
    5. Wake up iBook, and turn monitors on for the dual screen desktop
    6. Quickly check IRC for interesting conversations.
    7. Scoot chair over to iBook, click the "blogs" button in safari, and quickly check all the blogs
    8. Click the "webmail" button, check webmail (gmail only)
    9. Click the "forums" button. Check forums for interesting posts
    10. Type in and check slashdot out.
    11. If i still have time, open up, sync email (Free IMAP! for my own domain.)
    12. Close iBook, turn off the two monitors, and get on my way to school.

    That's it.
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  7. Kush

    Kush High On Life!

    Montreal, Quebec
    1.wake up
    2.take a shower
    3.brush my teeth
    6.get in my car, go pickup the people i take to school

    now for when i get on the net
  8. Lee

    Lee OSNN Proxy

    Ohh I See, net related, mmmm, I set everything to automate whilst working, It may seem I am logged in here 24/7, that's cause I don't remove the cookie, even during a wash.

    Dunno really, mmmmm let me think, I do come here usually if I have a PM or have some news to bore you all with.
  9. Petros

    Petros Thief IV

    Pacific Northwest
    1. In-game WoW auctions
    2. WoW Forum Threads (especially if I ganked hard or killed a bunch of lowbie quest NPCs)
    3. Email, OSNN
    4. Go to work.
  10. Steevo

    Steevo Spammer representing. Political User Folding Team


    1) Don't really wakeup
    2) Turn over and kiss-grope April. Sometimes more.
    3) Get dressed
    4) Bathroom activity (brush teeth, pee, wash hands and face etc...)
    5) Get coffee or tea if there is time.
    6) Drive to work with music cranked
    7) Stand around and be the scape goat for the company, fix small problems. Help customers.....
    8) Leave work, crank up music.
    9) Stop at the store.
    10) Get home, work out, shower.
    11) Spend time with my wimmin.
    12) Go to bed, have fun, go to sleep.
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  11. Lee

    Lee OSNN Proxy

    Steveooooo....You sound like a pimp, good work keep it up! :D
  12. the_music_man

    the_music_man aka prodj88 =P

    open MSN messenger / check hotmail
    open thunderbird / check gmail
    open AIM
    open up

    yuppp im cool like that
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  13. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    i click the 1st, 2nd and 3rd buttons in quick launch to open email + irc + firefox with ~7 tabs :D
  14. onimkron

    onimkron OSNN Senior Addict

    Never tried this before, but actually quite interesting from the responses :)

    1. Wake up
    2. Occupy the bathroom..always a battle.
    3. Laptop off hibernate, straight to
    4. Check mail
    5. Figure out which disc for the MD
    5. Breakfast
    6. Off to school

    Pretty boring actually :)
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  15. Xie

    Xie - geek - Subscribed User Folding Team

    NY, USA
    1. bathroom jazz
    2. dress
    3. refresh my lame site (mostly to check for spammers) + OSNN + /.
    4. check gmail + IRC for activity
    5. off to work ..

    * oh and eat food through all the comp stuff * :)
  16. VenomXt

    VenomXt Blame me for the RAZR's Folding Team

    Houston, Texas
    great keep it going guys everyone here has been repped by me. if i missed sopmeoen its just because i cant. (spread it around)
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  17. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    Shumble out of bed
    Wake up puter
    check OSNN for anything
    check e-mail
    look up wish list of hardware to buy when I izz rich
    look over some pr0n (NO, not really :p)
    get dressed... sort of
    stumble back into bed, just on top of covers for a few more minutes
    stumble back outta bed
    back to puter stare at screen with various pages of web crap opened
    stumble out door to work
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  18. Tittles

    Tittles Dabba Dooba Political User

    Muskegon, Michigan
    as of lately...

    1. Wake up on and off for an hour
    2. Finally get up
    3. Walk over to the computer and connect
    4. Go pee and get some juice
    5. Click hotmail tab and connect to aim and msn
    6. Check live journal
    7. Sit for a bit and do nothing

    Then during the day

    1. Check mail
    2. Check Live Journal
    3. Look for parties
    4. Talk to girls
    5. Post in live journal about party spot :)

    I have been on spring break so...yeah :p
  19. Evil Marge

    Evil Marge I Rule Political User

    Oh my,your all geeks :cheeky: I have a hubby and family to look after so the internet is way way down my list of things to do :lick: :laugh:
  20. ray_gillespie

    ray_gillespie Moderator Staff Member Political User

    Worcester, UK
    Check hotmail, gmail
    Read through BBC Daily email
    Check OSNN
    Check fistful of leone forums
    Get a cup of tea
    Start working:)