Do you believe in Extra Terestials ?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by max, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. max

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    Ive always liked space movies, Red planet etc

    But i doubt there is anything in the universe except us, if there was , i am sure we would have seen or heard them by now.

    Do you believe ?

  2. stuy_b

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    Well I've seen some weird shite in my time, including two seperate instances of UFOs.

    I wont bore you with the details, but I am a believer!, praise the lord!!! :D
  3. Hammerhead

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    I believe.

    I've seen UFO:s two times and I'm sure they were ET:s. Why should we NOT believe? To me it seems silly that this whole universe were created for humans only, who or whatever created it. Maybe they've been there for eternity, maybe they themselves created the very universe that we live in...uhh, I'm rambling...need a cup of coffee.
  4. Protac

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    Ever thought that humans may de the most evolved species in the universe? We always think the they come to us, maybe in some years, we are the UFO's? Funny thought...
  5. mick42

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    I definetly believe,I married an alien.
  6. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    I guess they say that the Universe never ends. I'd say that's pretty big. :p There has to be at least one other "being" somewhere out there. That doesn't mean we will ever know for sure. They could be lightyears from here in another galaxy.
  7. Outback2k1

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    I believe we are constantly visited by Angels. :D

    And as for flying saucers, I believe they do exist, but they're being made by our own government. From a physics standpoint, it's an extremely simple concept to get them to fly...actually building one would require technonogy that only highly funded facilities would, say, Area 51. I'm really into supposedly secret technology and stuff, but by no means do I believe that they're driven by E.T.'s!
  8. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    what do you know about the "black helecopters"? :eek: ;)
  9. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    look, if you don't believe in aliens, how did superman get here? huh? splain that
  10. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    I believe in aliens only because I believe that we are getting dumber over time...anyone think that people except us use to live here and we got kinda left behind?

    stories of atlantis
    easter island
    the desert drawings in south america
    the genius of some of the aztec tribes

    Then think about some of the inventions that Nikola Tesla made that our govt confiscated for us to never see again? Motors run strictly on magnetic power, theories of earthquake machines...I mean look at the accomplishments of Einstein...

    I hate to be one of those our govt keeps us in the dark people but sometimes I find it true. Tesla passed away and alot of his inventions "dissappeared"

    I mean lets face it with money and religious factors there is just some stuff the govt's of the world would have to keep secret because it would cause chaos...too many religions say god created us and that was if aliens existance was proved undeniably there would be people shocked that the bibles could be wrong and that religions are based on fairy tales...Same goes for money. Tesla invented motors and devices that did not rely on oil and gas...that would kill the economy of many countries!

    ok i've rambled enough flame me at will :)
  11. Cyborg_Dell

    Cyborg_Dell Guest

    Area 52 ??

    Just a quick theory of my own, but lets see if anyone agrees:

    Area 51 is just a diversion for the media and "conspiracy" types. There is actually an "Area 52" where scientists can get on with the real work, while the world is so busy keeping an eye on "Area 51". So there ya go !! Its like a magician that uses the notion of distracting the person while he switches the cards !!

    For the record, I do believe there is an alien species out there, but like us, they are explorers, and they left earth ages ago and moved on to some other dimension. That's why we may never see them again. This may go some way towards explaining man's instinct to explore and evolve, as if we have an inbuilt desire to evolve to a point where we will be able to go in search of our fatherhood civilisation.

    There are those people who would try to keep this knowledge to themselves, and that is why we may never meet our fore fathers.

    A disappointing reality, I'm afraid.
  12. Detonator

    Detonator OSNN Addict

    I firmly believe that we are not alone in the universe.As for Area 51,last year it was declassified and you can actually take guided tours of it,in a bus of course.And if you stray from the group, BANG!! they shoot you.The government got tired of denying Area 51 was real,and just moved the secret stuff to another location to get people off their back.
  13. wyrlwyn

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    pagans in space

    i my self am pagan, and yes, i can say i believe there are others of us in space. not human, and not pagan as i now it, but, if cultures evolved in other worlds, and jesus christ(yah, right) wasn't there to make them fight each other for 2000 years, they probebly have survived with some thoughs that nature is the true overseeer and that the spirits among them can traval far away, if they don't do it by them selves already.
    and yes, it may seem like i put down christianity, but, if they hadan't burned my peepz and created an endless war over the"holy land"(not to mention 9/11) i wouldnm't have a problem.
    and if we do find aliens, and there from marglar, i hope the prechers don't get to them first!:)
  14. Joe

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    There are over a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. Each one has upwards of two hundred billion stars, and can even be greater for the galaxies that have collided to from one. We have discovered planets around other stars. It is highly likely that their are aliens. If you look at our past you will find many things that say aliens have visited our planet(Sumerians, Egyptions, etc.). Current physics also say that could be an infinite amount of dimensions which aliens could have come from. If we haven't been visited there is a good reason for it, time. Unless you have a way to travel faster than light, or bypass space(Event Horizon - creepy and very cool movie) than it could centuries to reach us, and thats if they knew about us.

    If you study astronomy or the mysteries of our ancient civilizations you will believe in aliens. If it conflicts with your religion than maybe you should start questioning your beliefs.

    Also, if you study the government conspiracies you might start to believe in aliens. Just don't study them to hard, some will make you paranoid, others are just plain stupid. Whenever you study something learn both of the sides.

    Just a few facts (if you want more info or links E-Mail me
  15. Secret Military Stuff

    There are many things we shouldn't know about that do exist. Especially in the U.S. Military.

    400 yard long rail gun - know this for a fact - can be mounted on aircraft carrier and can shoot a guy on his lawn in Paris, France from just off the west coast. I'm not sure but I think they may be able to use it to shoot down satelites.

    black helicopters - lots heard of 'em. "Supossedly Silent"

    eyeball melter - A device which can melt enemy eyeballs on the battlefield.

    liquid air - know this for a fact - navy seals get this crap put in their lungs when they swim somewhere and can breathe from it.

    poison rations - know this one too - just add water and when warmed its a delicious meal. When it gets cold, it turns to a deadly poison. I heard from a friend that said they would leave half-eaten rations all over in places where they went to "work"

    super grenades - my dad said his friend used one - Ever see the movie eraser, where they have a grenade that shoots upright after landing and shoots from above? thats real. Have some that shoot behind walls too.

    parachute missiles - know these exist - (British developed them) They are a normal heat seeking missile with a twist. Say they're locked on to a truck and the truck stops and loses its heat signature? The missile climbs to roughly 10,000 feet and parachutes slowly down, waiting for a new target.

    personell delivering subs - have had to people tell me this one - subs come right on to beaches, drop off the navy seals right out the front, then go back out to sea.

    supersonic torpedos - well, they are torpedos, but they go really, really slow.

    I heard all of this, except the eyeball melter and helicopter from a friend of my dad who is an ex-navy seal.

    I saw this site, but I think a lot of it is not very accurate.

    Above Top Secret
  16. phishhead

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    god I hope so ....I do tech support for a software company and I would hate to believe that we are the most intelligent species out there:D
  17. Bytes Back

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    Reccomended reading for Non believers

    Any Erich Von Daniken book, especially the one subtitled "was God an astronaut"
  18. xsivforce

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    Qumahlin...I think you are right on target. are scaring me. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  19. DrX

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    One thing I DONT believe in is Alien Abductions !

    What a load of CR*P !


    We are coming to get you :p
  20. waddy

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