Do people fall for this stuff?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mooo, Jun 2, 2005.

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    some guy came into #ipod on efnet today and said (before i quckly gave him the boot :p)

    [12:17] <heyhey> has to go now 1 dell inspiron 5160 notebook . price 450 includes smaeday shipping, case, wireless router. specs: p4 2.8, 1gb ram, 80gb hard drive, dvdrw/cdrw, built in modem, ethernet, firewire, usb2.0, 802.11b/g linksys wireless card included, windows xp pro with service pack 1 and office xp.

    but my question is, do people actually western union these guys money and fall for it? I mean its happened twice in less than 2 weeks. For these guys to do it, there has to be a demand i would think, but just thinking that people on IRC are stupid enough to fall for it confuses me.
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    well people fall for those emails that ask you to validate your bank account # along with social Security#, so the lesson is, there are dumb gullible people everywhere that fall for all these scams. If this wasnt true, the scams would not be worth it and noone would run these scams.
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    So I'm not getting my laptop?
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  4. celticfan11

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    well if you dont get it
    ill sell you a dual core amd 4800+ system for 600$
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    People fall for all kindsa stuff. And yes, there are people that dumb. tbh Pay Pal would probably be safer for a financial transaction then Western Union, but people will fall for all kindsa stuff. For instance:

    - One person posted to the forums about a "new hack" for Diablo II to supposedly dupe one's items (but they were all gone). It went like this.

    "You stand in one corner in town, I stand in the other. You see, I'm over here, I can't take your stuff. Now hold down the Alt key while hitting F1 through F5 in quick succession. But when I did this, game disappeared, and returning all my stuff gone..."

    Everyone who replied, was laughing about the "new hack" as they kept telling him about Alt + F4...

    - Someone was telling me that this one person was begging for all these godly items on Ultima Online as they were afraid of dieing. About 15 minutes latter, some players got sick of the begging, so suggested he put his CD in the microwave for 2 minutes and nuke the thing. Once the thing stopped sparking, it would make changes to the disk that would make all these items suddenly appear...

    The person apperently came back the following week complaining about how when he tried this, he ended up having to buy a new CD. Someone commented "other side up" at which he was allegedly off another week...
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    ahahahah. rep ... :)
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    haha great post Son Goku. I've seen stuff like that, both in games and on IRC. I admit I've had my fun on IRC making people join a channel that due to a glitch in the IRCd kicks them from all channels they were in. :p

    *edit* upon typing this it got me wondering - it works on IRCd of the network OSNN uses for #osnn channel :D
  8. mlakrid

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    OHHH YEA, the ALT+F4 trick

    Its great for people playing in the same starcracft game that ask:

    "Hey how do I get rid of all the lagg I am getting.....?"
    you ALWAYS respond: "Press and hold ALT+F4 key..."

    "Unwonted has been disconnected..." and the countdown to drop them begins.. its SO BEAUTIFUL!