Do I need a Firewall?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DJC, Oct 29, 2003.

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    I am an experienced computer user but I have had no experience of Networking.

    I have two laptops networked through a Linksys BEFSR41 router to a NTL cable modem.

    Everything works OK.

    What I do not under stand is the need for a firewall. I understand, well I think I understand, that the router has some form of built-in firewall. Is this sufficient or do I need extra protection?

    I have used search but I did not find an answer to my dilemma.
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    I must get about 1 or 2 every hour picked up by Norton, so yes I would have one.
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    Your router ( I have that one as well) has inbound firewall protection, but does not protect in information going out (from your pc). Therefore, in the slight chance someone placed a trojan/executable on your rig that is providing them with all types of information, your router would not be able to stop that.

    So, yes, getting a software firewall (Kerio, ZA, etc) would be worth it.
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    Thanks for all the helpful advice. I have read the thread and i now have a slightly better understanding of the concept.

    I have Zone Alarm Pro but I have not yet installed it.

    Do I have to install it on both computers?

    Are there any special settings needed because the computers are on a network?
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    Yes - You have to install them on both PCs.

    and when you install it both, ZAP will detect the network, and if it is giving you the static IP address for your network, you will have to make it a Trusted Network in order to share files back and forth.
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    Also, don't forget to change the default admin password on the router. If you leave it at the factory default someone can remotely take control of it and open up it's NAT firewall by setting it to DMZ.