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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lord Avon, Apr 4, 2002.

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    ok, Ive been haveing some fun...

    Upgraded my PC from win2K to XP (first mistake) but as the company has decided to go forward and me being the sysadmin who has to do the upgrades I got to do it first...

    Anyway, we have a medium sized NT4 domain, PDC and BDC,
    with two DNS servers and about 70 machines, static IP addresses.

    so My win2K machine was working fine, terminal services, mapping drives, ping the whole nine yards.

    Now Ive 'upgraded' I have some problems,

    > I can no longer ping by NAME, ONLY by IP number <

    Needless to say this prevents a whole heap of stuff working...
    We have one other machine that has XP on, and it is fine..
    Ive copied the settings for the network card , but of course remembering to keep the name and IP number different ;-)

    More interestingly looking at the 'my network places' shows the entire network, I guess this is useing netbios to get the host names, and not DNS...

    if I drop to a Command prompt, and type 'ping myserver' I get
    'pingin myserver[]' timed out...
    if I type 'ping' I get a reply...

    if I type NSLOOKUP, it hows me the name server..
    I type 'MYSERVER' and it returns 'MYSERVER.MYDOMAIN.COM -'

    I've been through all the obvious things (firewall is off, DNS address's are correct,etc,etc) and even played with the registry (I had to add DHCP OPTIONS key to get the node type to be the correct type)
    I'm baffled, I cant afford to rebuild from scratch and if this is the case MS will be getting 80 licenses back and we're gonna want a refund, doing a fresh install just is NOT possible on some the machines I have to upgrade...
    and a 50% success rate is NOT a good basis for upgrading 70 odd machines.

    any suggestions?

    Paul (not impressed with XP, look, feel, use, cartoon style,etc)
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    ok first of all can you ping the dns sever? try running ipconfig /all and see if proper dns shows up and make sure it gives u the correct ip 4 ur machine. go to ur tcp/ip settings, find the WINS tab and make sure tcp/ip is enabled.

    if thats all good. did u try ipconfig /registerdns. also, you might try running nslookup again, and type set name=default server name. other than that i can't think of anything else. sounds like u have tried everything ur supposed to. one thing to keep in mind is that xp is pretty much the same thing as 2k.

    go ur dns server. does ur comupter have a host file? ipconfig /registerdns should put one in there if it isn't already.

    ur using xp pro rigth??

    hope this helped man

  3. Lord Avon

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    Yep, DNS server(s) are alive and well...

    tried that, no change :-(

    this is the odd thing, the default name it comes up with is correct, its one of the TWO DNS servers and is fine...

    Shame my windows 2000 installation worked fine until I decided to put XP on, some something fairly major changed along the way.

    yep, but get this, the 'local' host entry is in there..
    and I still cant ping 'localhost' I have to type ping


    Thanks for the advice, all I can hope is that the SRH I raised with MS gets resolved soon, else they're going to be getting back a whole pile of XP licenses and upgrade advatnge licenses and we're gonna want a refund some £30K

    Thanks for the advice