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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by denro, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. denro

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    I tried the dns cache registry hack on my 50.6K modem connection and found to my surprise that it made a tremendous difference. The disconnects are fewer (not happening) and the page views are more rapid. I haven't used any benchmarks, but qualitatively, this is an excellent improvement. Why were these settings left out of the default install of XP? Suggest others might want to try the registry merge. I set a restore point in case I had problems. Thanks for the tweak.
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    Don't suppose you could post the reg hack??? I'm crawlin' with 56k and would do anything to improve it.
  3. denro

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    For niro28

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    But if you search for the original tweak in the tweak section, you can download the reg file. But you could, I guess, just paste this into notepad and save as a reg file before merging it into the registry. It will be interesting to see if you also have good success with this. Perhaps we have different problems, but worth a try. (I noticed that [Parameters] is word wrapping. You may have to fix that before trying the merge.)
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I found the tweak in the tweaks section, but apparently the .reg download isn't currently available as it brings up a page stating so. I could try c/p the text in you post and saving as a .reg file, but I think I'd rather d/l the .reg file.
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    for me it did no massive improvement, still the same !!!

    tel me if someone has any dial-up tweaks !
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    Here it is!
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    Thx Static, much appreciated.
  8. XeoNoX

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    I want to undo the hack and forgot to do a restore point and i forgot to backup my registry. Can someone please post the original values from :

  9. Static 99

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    I just checked my registry for the default values. (I didn't do the DNS tweak).
    It looks like there are no default values. It's empty! (See screendump)
    So, i guess you'll just have to remove those DWORD values.

    Note: Don't forget to make a backup or restore point, because i could be wrong.
  10. XeoNoX

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