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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PHiSHnz, Mar 10, 2003.

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    only really just noticed it.. but only 1 of my cd roms is using DMA mode... which is my cd burner.
    a while ago i had the other drive as master and cd burner as slave..
    hrm .. gonna save me a bit of typing
    A = Master
    B = Slave

    A uses dma
    B only uses pio (i've tryed chaning settings in device manager, nothing happens)

    i swapped the drives around so my cd burner was A and the other B
    so now my cd burner uses dma, but the other PIO. So it's not just the drive.
    sorry if it's confusing, but could i have run out of irq's or sumthign??
    i dono

    PHiSH (confuzzled)
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    Thanks. I went to check the menu to suggest what to check and one of my CD's was pio only. (I fixed that.)

    assuming winxp
    start, control panel, system, hardwrae, device manager, ide/atapi controllers. whewh outta breath

    chose whichever controller the cd is on (primary or secondary) then select advanced settings. Under transfer mode set it to dma if available.

    (there are 2 per controllers so a total of four should be set to dma if avail.)

    Might as well check primary and secondary.

    Note also the grayed box above transfer mode is device type and should say "auto detect" for both controllers and channels. If it doesn't you need to change that under the bios.
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    what mobo you got? I have found Via drivers can be troublesome.. 4.38 caused me problems.. going back to V4.33 solved them..
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    Or if all that fails try this post Here