DMA on SiS boards fixed

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by 8ender, Apr 6, 2002.

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    I can see some of you are having trouble getting DMA working on SiS boards in WinXP. I personally have had the same problem, luckily there is a patch program provided on my ECS K7s5a cd. The readme states its only for 630 and older chipsets and that its for win2000 but I have had no problems with multiple SiS735 based boards I have worked with.

    Give the patch a try, it doesnt display any prompts when you run it but dont worry, just restart and DMA should be enabled under device manager. HDTach also confirms this.

    I've hosted it at my webserver for your convenience

    SiS IDE Patch

    Good luck, and BTW, the SiS735 is quite possibly the best chipset I have ever used, I highly reccomend it to anyone looking for a fast, stable chipset.
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    I know a few people who have been pulling theyre hair out over this issue.