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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by krmanning, Jan 21, 2003.

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    I just put together a new computer based on a Leadtek K7NCR18D-Pro (nForce2) motherboard. This is my first experience with nVidia chip sets, so I plead ignorance. How can I tell what DMA mode my hard drive is using? The nVidia IDE driver is installed, and the hard drive is showing up as a SCSI device. I can't find anywhere where this info shows up.

    Leadtek K7NCR18D-Pro (nForce2) motherboard
    Athlon 2000+
    128MB x 2 PC2700 DDR
    Chaintek Gforce 4200 / 64 MB graphics
    WD 60GB HD
    Sony 52x CD-ROM
    on board sound, LAN
    WinXP Home

    Thanks in advance
  2. Taurus

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    first of all, nice board.

    sorry, i don't have an answer, i'm curious to learn along with you. but in device manager, there are no ide controllers you can view the properties of and view/set pio or dma?


    if you don't already know, that's what i mean. it also shows my problem with my dvd-rom stuck in pio. :( the only way i know to fix that is to reformat.
  3. krmanning

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    Nope, its not there like I'm used to seeing with an Intel or Via chipset. In device manager, under IDE controllers, there is a single listing for NVIDIA nForce IDE controller - not separate lines for the 2 IDE controllers. And the properties don't have any mention of DMA, PIO, etc. Likewise, under the hard drive listing and under the CD Rom, I can't find DMA, PIO, etc.

    First impressions - this board seems nice enough. It boots up fast - lots faster than either my Gigabyte 8IEXP (intel 845PE) or my Soyo Dragon KT400 board. So far its running rock solid, too. Its the differences from what I'm used to (like this question about looking for DMA settings) that are frustrating so far. The manual just isn't too helpful.
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    If anyone has a problem resetting the DMA mode of a DVD-ROM, try going into regedit and finding:

    E-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0001 or 0002

    Where 0001 is Primary IDE, 0002 is Secondary IDE .

    Select the one your problem drive is on. If the drive is the Master, delete
    the key "MasterIdDataChecksum". If the drive is the Slave, delete the key

    Exit Regedit and reboot. XP should now recognize the DMA capabilty of the drive.

    All done!!!!
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    In the BIOS is the Hard Drive set to IDE and not SCSI and is it set to IDE HDD Auto-Detection???
  6. krmanning

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    In the bios, I left everything on auto-select except the fsb (which defaults to 100). During the boot sequence, both the HD and the CD-ROM are correctly identified. But in Windows, they both show up as SCSI devices.

    The HD is set as master on IDE 0, the CD is master on IDE 1. There are no additional IDE connectors on this motherboard - ie no raid capabilities.
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    thanks, kulasonline! i hinted at my problem, hoping someone would come in and show me that fix. i knew there was one. btw, 0001 was secondary and 0002 was primary for me.

    krmanning... have you installed the latest nforce2 driver package?
  8. krmanning

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    Yep, straight from the nVidia web site. I also have WinXP sp1 (it came that way with the oem copy of xp).

    I think everything is working alright. I just want to know how to check and make sure that it is.
  9. Taurus

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    yeah, know what you mean. it's just good to keep tabs on your hardware and know that you're getting the most out of it.

    your best bet would be to maybe find an nforce forum and look around/ask.

    good luck and let us know what you find out.
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    Sounds like its time for third party software install AIDA32 run it then look under storage\EIDE and it will tell you the active DMA mode.
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    Finally found it! The answer was on another forum. This is apparently a known bug in the 2.0 drivers. It is corrected by manually updating the drivers again and pointing to the correct file location. Reboot, and everything's back to normal.
  12. gonaads

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    Good to hear that you fixed it.

    Could you please post the exact repair so anyone else that may have this problem with this MoBo can fix it as you did.

    Thanks :cool:
  13. krmanning

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    as posted by Mr X on nForcersHQ forums:

    "There is a bug with the IDE driver installation with the automated install. What you have to do to solve it is after it's installed manually update the nforce ide controller driver and point it to c:\NVIDIA\nForceWinXP\2.00\IDE\WinXP (that's the default location) folder and it will install the IDE driver correctly. After that you'll have the Primary and Secondary IDE Channel items return in device manager and also all your IDE devices won't be showing up as SCSI."
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    kulasonline where did you find that info out ?,as i posted it a long time ago and i assumend i was the only one who posted the above solution (as i was tampering one day to re-set them,and then posted my results) ,i have since searched the net a bit more and still cannot see anyone else posting it ?.
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