DJ Jam Master Jay (Run DMC) Dead

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    Spotted this on

    BET News reports DJ Jam Master Jay of the rap group Run DMC has been found dead in a recording studio in the Jamaica, Queens, section of New York.

    A source says Jam Master Jay, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was shot in the head at about 7:30 p.m. The source also says a second person was shot in the ankle and taken to a nearby hospital.

    The person who fired the shots is said to have escaped.

    Jam Master Jay, 37, joined up with DMC - real name, Darryl McDaniels - and DJ Run - real name, Joseph Simmons, and brother of Def Jam founder Russell Simmons - back in the early 1980s to form the group Orange Crush.

    The three - classmates at St. Pascal's Catholic School in Queens who'd known each other of years, two of them even attending the same kindergarten - became Run DMC in 1982.

    Run DMC was the first rap group to have a video on MTV, the first on the cover of Rolling Stone, and they were the first non-athletes to ink an endorsement deal for Adidas.

    That deal came before "My Adidas," one of their best-know hits, along with the crossover rap tune "Walk This Way."

    Fans of the group have been gathering at the scene as word of the shooting spreads through the streets of New York. Many are in shock and crying.


    Great artist who will surely be missed!!!!!! :(
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    thats terrible news
    was a fantastic group and will be missed
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    Wow! I hadn't seen that yet. Very sad news indeed. :(
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    He was one of the best in the industry, quite sad indeed.
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    Thats true. I've also included a link to a bit more info.

    News bout DJ Jam Master Jay
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    :( :( :(

    gotta say,great group. all this voilence in the music industry has gotta stop,and its not just rap
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    --Dredd steps up to the microphone to speak--
    Ok everyone group hug!
    There there, now doesn't that feel better?