Divx Problem.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by anonymo, Aug 27, 2002.

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    Hello everyone. Here is my problem...

    This morning, I launched and watched a good movie "called Goofy movie"... It was fine.

    After that, I installed Nimo Codec Pack with all filters... And since then, when I play that movie again, I get a scrambled movie, and a weird motion trails...

    Now I uninstalled the nimo codec pack and still nothing happened... And when I uninstalled the nimo codec pack, I should not be able to view XVID, Divx movies (because if you can install a codec, can't you uninstall it) ? Well, I still can...

    And a weird thing happens, is that each time I launch a movie, I can see one second of the movie that I launched before it... Weird... Any explanations ? Thanks for your help !
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    did nothing....

    I'm desperate.
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    of course Divx 5.02 pro is big Sucker because...I did install it..then Black screen of any movie with MPeg layer 3 :(
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    there is a bug with Divx 5.02 playing correctly div3.1 movies..

    I had to change the fourCC codes to MP3V4 so that it worked..
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    Nimo is notorious for not uninstalling