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    DivX.. anyway.

    Anonymous writes "I have got the DivX 5.0 Pro installed and it comes with Gator Ad-Ware.

    I ran Ad-Aware, which found the gator ad files, and registery settings, which it deleted, after of course backing them up, in case. Its now ad-ware free."

    I know it comes with the Gain Trickler as I can see it and close, delete it from my tasks, is this gator the same thing?

    Anyway, once again, here is how you can beat it:
    (From Doom9.org)

    DivXNetworks may have to pay they've invluded the GAIN program that will display some ads from time to time. If that gets on your nerves I have a free and completely legal way to block these ads but still use the Pro edition: Install either ZoneAlarm or Tiny Personal Firewall and when the application GAIN_TRICKLER_3102.EXE wants to connect to the Internet you create a rule that will block the connection forever. This will stop all ads, plus using a personal firewall helps to prevent attacks from the net but will also stop many active-mail viruses that have been floating around since July 2001. Whenever there's a new application that wants to connect to the Internet and you don't know what it is, block it.

    BTW... You can now download just the codec (pro version with adware) http://www.doom9.org/Soft21/Codecs/DivX5ProGainCodec.exe
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    if u want to remove the registry entries & files, i'm pretty sure u can delete the gain trickler file, but you have to leave one registry key of gator (not sure which one) and then it will work